Microsoft celebrates Pride with donations to LGBTQIA+ NGOs

By: Chris Capocella, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer.

This year we are celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Employee Resource Group Global LGBTQIA+ employees and partners at Microsoft (GLEAM).It is a driving force for LGBTQIA+ inclusion and Proud of Microsoft All over the world.

At a time when LGBTQIA+, transgender, non-binary, and gender-queer communities need support, Microsoft invites everyone to continue to do more by sharing stories, opening up the All Pride campaign format, contributing to LGBTQIA+ organizations, and creating a broader product launch. .

Our efforts to support and advocate for LGBTQIA+ people do not begin or end this month. By supporting our employees through global advocacy, philanthropy and workplace best practices, we hope to make a difference in LGBTQIA+ communities and beyond as we continue our drive to make a positive global impact.

Know all about Pride

Microsoft celebrates LGBTQIA+ communities through stories, products, events and inviting everyone to Pride.

We open the Code of Pride

At a time when pride is becoming increasingly difficult to organize and celebrate, we empower organizers around the world Unlock all Pride campaign design And invite everyone to mix, share and more. We launched campaign assets today GitHub And we add ready-to-use templates ClipSamp.

last year, We open our Pride flag design Represents 40 LGBTQIA+ identities. Our flag update released today reflects nearly 50 identities, expands representation of gender, queer and trans identities, and is available in new designs and sizes.

our Pride of expression This reflects the open, welcoming and grassroots nature of this campaign. Brush strokes, bright colors and various flag combinations celebrate a large, global and ever-growing community.

Description of open source designs
Open source design assets allow countless combinations.

It’s pride

Our Pride focuses on simple truths about the LGBTQIA+ experience shared by employees around the world. Hugging your loved one is an honor. It is an honor to serve your country openly. Mutual respect is pride. More teeth. By sharing their storiesLGBTQIA+ folks at Microsoft hope to invite everyone to do more Pride.

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Throughout the year, we recognize the many ways you contribute to and influence innovation at Microsoft and beyond. Join us in celebrating powerful stories of strength, community and employee leadership through attendance Inclusion is innovation.

Microsoft employee photo gallery
Microsoft employees share what Pride is all about.

More stories and LGBTQIA+ representation on Xbox

Last year, we launched and published the LGBTQIA+ Visibility Report Control the Xbox Pride. This beloved and viral design is available throughout the year Xbox Design Lab.

This year we are going one step further. Xbox Game Studios Publishing announces a long-term partnership with the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) to increase LGBTQIA+ representation and storytelling in Xbox games. Through this partnership, we hope to bring more LGBTQIA+ stories, characters and lived experiences to Xbox that will resonate with gamers around the world.

In June and beyond, Xbox will showcase a variety of game collections featuring LGBTQIA+ creators, leading characters, and games that include gender and relationship choices. These collections will be part of our ongoing work to create a more inclusive gaming ecosystem and promote content that resonates with communities throughout the year.

These are just a few of the many celebrations on Xbox. Learn more at Xbox Wire.

Xbox and Pride collage
Xbox takes next steps for greater LGBTQIA+ representation and storytelling.

Celebrate Pride with us: Join our live event on June 16 at 10am PDT

This year, LGBTQIA+ communities at Microsoft invite everyone to join a live event on YouTube called „Make Pride” to learn about the state of LGBTQIA+ rights from organizers, players and advocates from LGBTQIA+ communities at Microsoft and beyond. Discover how we can push boundaries and achieve collective change for all.

We hope you can join us to watch the live broadcast on June 16 from 10 am to 12 pm PDT.

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Microsoft Live Event Description
Everyone is invited to Microsoft’s Mac Pride live event.

Our proud collection

Since the launch of our first Pride products in 2018, they have been a visible celebration of the intersectionality and strength of LGBTQIA+ communities.

  • Opened by Microsoft – Learn all about Pride at Microsoft.
  • Xbox– Discover nonprofits, community stories, sports content and more, all created by LGBTQIA+ communities.
  • Xbox gear: Show your pride with limited edition t-shirts, bags and more.
  • Xbox games: Celebrate Pride with LGBTQIA+ creators on Xbox.
  • Control the Xbox Design Lab Pride– Customize your Xbox Wireless Controller with the Xbox Design Lab and show your pride with a bold new design. Available year-round in all Xbox Design Lab markets.
  • Microsoft Store: Explore collections Games Y movies Curated by Microsoft’s LGBTQIA+ communities.
  • Windows– Bring your Pride to your Windows with new wallpapers celebrating Pride and the many LGBTQIA+ communities.
  • Microsoft 365– Flash your pride in select Microsoft 365 apps.
  • Microsoft Teams– Show off your status with more than 50 virtual backgrounds representing different LGBTQIA+ flags.
  • Outlook for mobile– Embrace your pride year-round in Outlook for mobile on iOS and Android with permanent themes inspired by LGBT, trans, lesbian, bisexual and non-binary flags.
  • Microsoft Rewards– Join Microsoft Rewards to support Outright International by searching on Microsoft Ping.
  • Ping: Explore the stories of those who have contributed to the continued advancement of LGBTQIA+ equality.
  • Microsoft Life: Explore the stories of our employees around the world.
  • Inclusion is innovation – Explore LGBTQIA+ stories throughout the year.
  • ClipSamp– Express your creativity in ClipSamp with templates, filters, stickers and more from Pride.
  • Create Microsoft– Choose from dozens of easy-to-customize templates with Microsoft Build.
  • Microsoft Designer– Create unique Bright Skins and get AI-powered, matching suggested text.
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Computer Graphics
There are many ways to celebrate pride and celebrate the power and strength of LGBTQIA+ communities.

Acting on the News: Donate $200,000 to LGBTQIA+ Nonprofits

We continue our longstanding support of LGBTQIA+ organizations. We awarded a total of $200,000 USD to support the launch of our Pride 2023 campaign and products. Outright International, Stonewall, SAATHI, Casa Rara and GLAAD help fight for LGBTQIA+ equality and equity. That’s $1.4 million we’ve donated together with our employees since last year and more than $30 million we’ve donated over the past 30 years.

Advocating for LGBTQIA+ equality since 1989

Microsoft introduced sexual orientation into our nondiscrimination policies in 1989, and we’ve been pushing for LGBTQIA+ inclusion ever since. In 1993, we began offering employee benefits to same-sex domestic partners, making us one of the first companies in the world. We’ve been publicly advocating for marriage equality in the United States since before it was even legalized, and we’ve advocated for families of all kinds. Microsoft has scored 100 on the Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s Corporate Equality Index for 17 years running.

Since its founding in 1993, GLEAM has honored Pride by elevating LGBTQIA+ voices, using the accessibility of our products, and sharing messages of inclusion and support.

And we invite everyone to join the call to Pride. Share your thoughts with us on social media with #MicrosoftPride and #Pride.

* „Show Your Pride” theme is available in the following apps: iOS: Outlook, OneNote, Office, Word, Excel and PowerPoint; On Android: Outlook; In Outlook on Mac OS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, you can find pride themes in Settings > Appearance. In all other apps, Bright Theme can be found in Settings.

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