Artificial Intelligence: The Opportunities and Perils of a World-Changing Technology

Artificial Intelligence: The Opportunities and Perils of a World-Changing TechnologyCredit: Gerd Altmann on eBay.

Artificial intelligence is one of the biggest revolutions of our time, offering enormous possibilities to improve our lives in all areas. However, it also represents challenges and threats that we must face with responsibility and caution. What do you think about this technology? Do you see it as an opportunity or a threat?

In Almendralejo, (Badajoz), there is a recent case that illustrates this problem. A group of youths has created AI-generated images of nude minors online, aimed at humiliating and harassing them. This fact has created great anger and anguish among the victims, their families and the educational environment. How can we prevent these abuses from happening again? What steps can be taken to protect minors from these crimes?

On the other hand, there are teachers who use artificial intelligence as an educational resource to help their students learn better and develop key skills for the 21st century. These teachers respect human rights and democratic values ​​and teach their students to use this technology ethically and critically. What are the benefits of artificial intelligence for education? What skills can be improved through its use?

As you can see, artificial intelligence is neither good nor bad, but depends on the application we use it for. Therefore, it is imperative that we are well informed about this technology, aware of its benefits and risks, and act with judgment and respect. Only in this way can we use its full potential to improve our society and our future.

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