’Varisu’ reaches its final episode and we have 5 questions

With few exceptions, the hit HBO series, successivelyFollowed the pattern Seinfeld The „cuttles and no learning” ultra-privileged Roy brothers seek to replace their late father Logan (Brian Cox) at the top of the Waystar Royco media empire.

For some reason – despite the narcissism, recklessness and shocking lack of personal development – ​​we actually care about what happens to them and their mates. Who will win? And at what personal cost?

With the 90-minute series finale slated to air in a few hours, it looks like we’re in for some sort of retaliation as we watch the long-running corporate deathmatch come to an end. But first, the show has many more questions to answer.

Can even a full-length final answer them all? Here are some questions you might want to ask.

Hoping to protect their own leadership positions, Kendall and Roman Roy (Jeremy Strong and Kieran Culkin) order Westar’s right-wing news network ATN to announce the victory of far-right presidential candidate Gerrit Menken (Justin Kirk). GoJo will cancel the contract. But the burned ballots in Milwaukee mean the election is still in contention, and Democratic nominee Daniel Jimenez (Elliot Villar) still has a shot at the White House. How long does the count last? Shall we see a resolution?

Whatever the outcome, Waystar’s high command remains vulnerable. ATN may not survive if Royce’s motivations for announcing the election result in Menken’s favor come to light. (On the other hand, the parallel with the real world suggests that it could.) Perhaps most vulnerable is Tom, who, as head of ATN, risks becoming the sacrificial lamb once again, which he narrowly escaped during the company’s cruise line scandal.

Logan once said that life is „a knife fight in the mud.” If his sons want to control whatever company emerges from the Waystar-GoJo negotiations—and take it from tech mogul Lucas Matson (Alexander Skarsgård)—they’ll have to move fast (and draw a gun on that knife fight). .

Neither of the Roy brothers had secure positions or strong bodyguards. Kendall thought that recognizing Mencken would secure his later help in closing the sale with Kojo, which would help Roy’s sons stay with the company. But Mencken seems willing to ignore that promise. Mencken doesn’t seem to value anything The brothers are co-CEOs: Roman loses any advantage he had after his emotional breakdown at Logan’s funeral. (Mencken calls him „the little crybaby.”) Kendall lost her because of his careless negotiating strategy.

As it stands now, Mencken is mulling GoJo’s acquisition of Waystar if a US CEO is attached. Her sister, Shiv (Sarah Snook), thinks she is, but Madsen disagrees. If Matsson wants a useful soldier, he might set his sights on Tom (Matthew Macfadyen), who is hard-working and flexible in his loyalties, or Greg (Nicholas Brown), who can be easily manipulated.

However the deal settles, there’s no guarantee Matson and the team will want any members of the Roy family. There are many reasons why they don’t. Considering family disputes and urgent decision making, the committee may decide to appoint someone with real experience. Waist (J. Smith-Cameron) or Stevie (Arian Moyet).

For example, was Shiv really chased by Mencken? Or do your values ​​only lean to the left when they don’t interfere with your personal gain? Does GoJo want the deal to go through only if Shiv allows him to become CEO or would he support it under a different leadership? Shiv assures Matson that impending motherhood is not a problem; As she explains, she may give the baby up for adoption. But do you really want to follow in the footsteps of your neglected and abusive father?

Shiv must make these decisions—about the person he loves and the mother—before he can reconcile with his estranged husband, Tom; Otherwise, no matter how the corporate and political game is played, your relationship will be destroyed by its toxicity.

Every End of season So far, Kendall has had to deal with her sister’s wedding-related drowning death on some level. News of his involvement in the death of an employee has yet to be made public; If or when that happens, it will be surprising, although at this point the „when” seems more likely than the „if.”

His brothers knew the truth; He agreed with them at the end of the third season. Cousin Greg is also privy to some of the details because he set Kendall up as a waiter. Marcia (Hiyam Abbas) and her son Amir (Darius Homayon) present after the accident pose a threat to Kendall’s alibi.

Then Logan’s former bodyguard Colin (Scott Nicholson) helps cover it up. This is why Kendall was so worried when she found out that Colin was going to therapy in episode 9 and felt the need to let him know that she found out. We don’t hear much about the Roy Family Curse Investigating Podcast, but we have to remember that no matter the non-disclosure agreements, secrets will find a way to leak out.

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Cousin Greg, also known as the younger „Abominable Brother,” sold his soul a long time ago, and it has guaranteed him personal acquaintance with some of the most important people in the world. However, do any of them respect him? (We can answer that ourselves: No.)

His (and our) disdain for Greg may be in part successively: Greg is the definition of „landing on your feet.” At first his disarming gentleness made him a great audience, his banality a good source of comic relief. But then he began to master the skills required for this rarefied world of unrelenting ambition, including blackmail, perjury, and treason. Now he is invited to every party, even if it seems that no one wants him there.

This season he took it to the next level by helping ATN’s early announcement of the winner of the presidential election. If everything blows up, it seems unlikely that she’ll fall for Tom, especially since Tom runs the shipping division and she’s well-versed in dark secrets.

If Mattson wins, he could see the advantage of having a controversial Roy family ally like Kendall, Roman or Shiv, meaning a Roy he can control. At least, Mattson and Gregg are over 6 feet tall, so they look together in the photos. Other leadership positions are less decided.

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