The new TecnoVitae Foundation will try to create a dialogue between technology, society and industry

Valladolid, 2 February. (Europe Press) –

The new TecnoVitae Foundation seeks to create a dialogue between technology, society and industry through various projects that provide tools for the social future and have a local, national and global focus.

The presentation took place this Friday in Valladolid and was given by Rafael Alvarez Balla, President and Dean of the VA Engineers Foundation; Rector of the University of Valladolid, Antonio Largo Capririzo and General Director of Michelin Spain and Portugal, María Paz Robina Rosat.

Therefore, Bhalla recognizes that organizations cannot always find human talent, so they believe that communication can be a link to accomplish things that were „not thought possible” and complement the training of more specific organizations.

For his part, Largo maintains that the ability to create talent is the main reason for participating in the project, and said that the University of Valladolid will focus on three phases: attracting technical professions, making the training „better” and the trained talent contributing to the progress of Castilla y León society.

Likewise, Rosat points out that the most precious resource of the 21st century will be talent, so the project will try to give visibility to the fields of technology and society.

Also, the chairman of the foundation explained what are its major changes, from activities like speeches and competitions to events like industry awards. Likewise, TecnoVitae will form working groups to carry out various studies to analyze which sectors have opportunities and which are overstocked.

Finally, the new foundation will implement this year's VII Industry Awards and the TecnoVitae Forum, which will include cycles of presentations and conversations, as well as conducting and disseminating surveys.

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TecnoVitae has the support of various employers such as the University of Valladolid, the Economic and Social Council of Castilla y León, the CEOE in Castilla y León and the IngenierosVA.

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