Terran: „We need to give more space to Asturian heritage using technology”

No eye had ever seen Oviedo Cathedral. Engineer Inaki Teran's work last year took 420 hours to record and photograph the temple from a drone perspective. His setting yesterday was another, archaeological museum, where he showed stunning images of the Sancta Ovetensis from unlikely angles and unraveled the keys to the use of these types of artefacts. „The assets and heritage we have in Asturias must be given greater dissemination using technology,” Teron said at the „Photography and Drones, a Different Perspective” conference, which closed the cycle of talks on the San Salvador Master Plan.

„The future is in interactive augmented reality visits,” said the videographer, elaborating on the differences between it and virtual reality: „Augmented reality is based on elements we've recorded and processed. Like all digital, video games.” To illustrate, he showed the public a virtual tour of the cathedral with objects collected by his drone. On the tour starting from Plaza de Alfonso II El Casto, you can access different parts of the cathedral from an eagle's eye view and appreciate a great amount of detail.

The use of the drone provides access to otherwise inaccessible spaces and provides extreme perspectives of the excursion – perpendicular to the ground – 350 megapixel photographs from the top of the temple tower, images flying over the cloister from a height of 20 meters and admiring the stained glass. Glass at its finest.

„It's a job I'm passionate about, but I know it's still far from the general public,” Deren said.

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