IMSS's lack of investment in tumor detection technology

Pathological anatomy laboratories at IMSS do not have adequate equipment for processing biopsies, surgical and cytological samples, in violation of NOM-037-SSA3-2016, the organization recognizes. 322.3 million pesos were to be paid for the acquisition of 1,938 pathological anatomy equipment, but the Treasury did not give its approval.

EMEEQUIS.- Outdated and lack of equipment in the pathological anatomy laboratories of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) cause delays in processing biopsies. and harm to the health of patients in oncopathology diagnostic services.

Despite having trained staff and facilities, third parties are relied upon to provide this type of care, official documents state EMEEQUIS.

Malignant tumors are the 3rd leading cause of death in the country and Malignant tumors are the 2nd reason for specialist consultationshowever, Social security has little investment in timely detection and operates outside official Mexican standards.

„Currently, Pathological anatomy laboratories at IMSS lack adequate equipment for processing biopsies, surgical and cytological specimens., Does not conform to NOM-037-SSA3-2016”, Recognizes IMSS In official documents held by EmeEquis.

Oncology aims to study, diagnose and treat tumor diseases or cancer.

„In 2022, histopathological samples included the following: 7,530 suspected oncological diagnoses, 1,967 associated with breast cancer, and 4,117 associated with cervical cancer,” the institute says.

Laboratories, however, are highly flawed

With current equipment, IMSS cannot guarantee quality and timely attention to beneficiaries. Improving opportunities in the care of oncopathology patients is much less.

This situation forces you to depend on a third party to provide this type of care, and the service must be complementary.

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„22% of pathology labs at the secondary level support a surgical pathology service (histopathological, surgical specimens). In 2022, 11,890 histopathological samples and 4,592 cytology tests related to stage II were processed through different proxy services,” admits IMSS.

Social Security will pay 322.3 million pesos to acquire 1,938 pathological anatomy kits.But the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit is yet to approve the budget item for the purchase.

„The average life of the equipment: tissue processor, paraffin embedder and microtome is 8-12 years. There are equipment that are more than 12 years old, due to their characteristics, are obsolete and do not have spare parts,” IMSS acknowledges.

249 “partially equipped” secondary hospitals have 131 pathological anatomy laboratories and secondary hospitals are not provided with materials for immunohistochemistry technique.

While the approval of sources is in the writings of public authorities, hundreds of patients are being treated with defective equipment, technologically obsolete equipment and equipment that does not conform to standards.

There is information about the importance of oncology treatment, but it is not taken into account.

3rd place in 2023 death profile is malignant tumors, malignant breast tumor, malignant tumor in colon and rectal, leukemia and other tumors.

Nationally, malignancies are the 3rd leading cause of hospitalization in 2022.

And in 2022, malignant tumors were the second leading cause of specialist consultations nationwide.

However, these data are not taken into account and the approval of the evidence to strengthen pathological anatomy laboratories is postponed.

„In our country, the death rate from tumors is increasing. From 1998 to 2008, the cancer death rate increased by approximately 10 points, from 57.7 to 66.6 per 100 thousand people; in women, the growth was from 59.6 to 66.7 per 100 thousand people, and in men, 55.6 per 100 thousand people. The first was 66.5. This trend is alarming because of the implications of years of life lost to the disease process, the impact it has on the family nucleus and the ability of institutions to provide adequate and timely care,” says IMSS.

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At IMSS, the second reason for consultation is malignant neoplasms, which predominantly affect women. They are: breast cancer, lung cancer, stomach cancer, liver and bile duct cancer, ovarian cancer. Prominent in men: prostate, colon, lung, stomach and brain cancer.

„16% of deaths are due to malignant tumors. Malignant tumors represent the second leading cause of specialist outpatient consultation,” it said.

„Delays in oncopathology tests and high costs of switching tests, in the context of what people are experiencing about the appearance of tumors in beneficiaries, IMSS seeks to strengthen pathology laboratories so that they are adequately equipped for biopsies, surgical and cytological specimens, compliant with NOM-037-SSA3-2016.And thereby enabling early and timely diagnosis and treatment of the population.”

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador's six-year term is coming to an end, and the Mexican health system is nowhere near the Nordic health system the Tabasco native promised.


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