Airtech technology will participate in the FCAS engine

The Future Combat Air System (FCAS), a high-tech military fighter jointly developed by Spain, France and Germany, is in Phase 1B of the project. This phase includes Engine Pillar 2, which Airtec, an international company specializing in aerospace technology, has joined as a technology supplier thanks to the agreement signed with the company that leads the Spanish side of FCAS’ engine pillar. ITP Aero.

Aertec has extensive experience in the design, manufacture and certification of on-board systems, particularly control computers for various applications and critical subsystems, as well as intelligent data management concentrators. Spanish International Institute of Technology Working in coordination with ITP Aero, In the design and manufacture of prototypes to verify new technological developments related to engine control systems. The contract to build these demonstrators will be extended until the end of 2026.

„Aertec’s own methodology and technology development, together with efficient project risk management, allows us to anticipate them and create reliable solutions, and this is one of the keys to joining us as a technology provider for this ambitious project. The European Defense System” says Sarah Pellito, Business Development Director for the Aerospace and Defense Systems Department of Aertec. . “We have a lot of experience with these types of systems, but This is especially challenging when using them on a machine with new components, New cooling techniques or even extreme environmental conditions,” he adds.

Aertec is one of the few Spanish companies specialized in the development of innovative embedded systems, capable of managing the entire cycle of this equipment, from the design and rapid development of prototypes to their certification and industrialization. It participates in other pillars of FCAS, as well as civil and defense projects such as the A400M, A350, A330MRTT and Eurodrone.

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FCAS is a strategic European high-tech project, with an investment of 8,000 million euros and hopes to be operational by 2040.

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