G20: India proposes Medical Countermeasures Coordination Platform to set standards for common good | India News

Hyderabad: India, under G20 For public good, equity and a voice for the Global South, the President has proposed a Medical Countermeasure Coordination Platform to help set norms and standards to effectively tackle the challenges of pandemics like Covid.
The mechanism will focus on strengthening the global use of digital health, Dr Lakshmi said Narasimhan BalajiUNICEF’s Senior Adviser on Health, said on Sunday.
Attends third G20 Health Working Group The meeting is held here from June 4 to 6.
“It took nearly a year and a half to gain a full understanding of the challenges to equity during the Covid pandemic, and the world will not be safe if every country is not safe enough to contain any outbreak.
„The G20 and G7 are powerful driving mechanisms to get a global agreement. The Medical Countermeasures Priority Paper talks about a regulatory mechanism and a platform with rules of engagement among countries,” Balaji told PTI.
He said India has proposed to set up a coordinating mechanism for anti-medication measures in the World Health Organization.
Officials said the third health working group meeting of the G20 under India’s leadership will give voice to the challenges of the Global South and contribute to the establishment of regional networks for vaccine therapies, research and manufacturing networks and a global clinical response coordination platform.
India’s G20 presidency focuses on three priorities on the health track.
One of the priorities is health emergency prevention, preparedness and response centered on antimicrobial resistance and a health framework.
Another is to strengthen collaboration in the pharmaceutical industry by focusing on access and availability of safe, effective, quality and affordable medical interventions. The third is digital health innovations and solutions to improve global health care and health service delivery.
In conjunction with these priorities, co-sign events and side events will be held for each health working group meeting focusing on the clinical value journey, impact of climate change on health, application and emerging aspects of the health sector. Relevance of traditional medicine in health sector today.

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