Sustainability and technology are the combination of the future of the González Byass winemaking group

It was about 10 am when they placed a table with two glasses of wine on the stage. Just before their reckoning, the thousands of spectators waiting for the speakers to speak think, and not without reason. We are in Barcelona, Within the framework of the event Sapphire 2024 German ERP company SAP, now on the scene, company executive Scott Russell, Elizabeth Brazza, in charge of SAP projects, was born in 1835 in Jerez, a nearly two-century-old winery group – located in Spain. Chile, Mexico, United Kingdom and USA. For the peace of mind of those present, he is quick to point out that the glasses contain 0.0 white wine from the Villarnau family. The reason for the conversation and the toast was the successful implementation of a software that helps the company with its commitments and commitments, Praza highlights this absence of alcohol. González Pius’ long history is closely linked to innovation.

Later, in an interview with this media, who attended the conference as a guest, he said that the idea of ​​making this product seemed crazy when it came up. At the time, he recalls, „there was only one brand of non-alcoholic beer on the market, if anything.” Now, years after its well-received run, it describes the full range of originality implemented, The first hotel in the business surrounding a winery, restaurant, wine tour and music festival, Uncle Pepe FestivalIt gives its name to some of its most iconic wines.

In the 21st century, since innovation is synonymous with technology, the company is trying to embrace digital transformation, a complex exercise for the entire wine industry, which is not very experienced in these matters recognized by the Board, but sees a success story to export in Gonzalez Pius. This is the reason for the toast with which the text begins. In fact, the company was awarded during Nilamani Orlando by organization led by Christian Klein upon settlement SAP Responsible Design and Manufacturing (DRP), with the help of Minsait and other functions, manages the plastic packaging line. Even with the „help” projects, sustainability is very important to this family, which has a specific plan for 10 years with measures related to the reduction of emissions, the use of renewable energy and the maintenance of the biodiversity of the vineyards. People who are on the verge of disappearing,” says Prasa. „All this has led to a search for tools to evade the Plastic Tax Act.”

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