Reducing the use of technology in tax operations in Latin America

In an interview for Image Radio on the first broadcast of Image Informative with Pascal Beltrán del Rio, Roberto Mendoza, Lead Tax and Legal Partner, Northeast Business Unit Y KPMG is a leading partner in Mexico's tax transition practiceToday in Latin America there is talk of electronic invoicing and digitization, however, this contradicts what companies have, since at least 90 percent of people in the region use Excel, a tool that has been developed for almost 40 years. Earlier, this meant a huge delay for them.

Regarding the above, this is due to the lack of awareness of large companies, so they should see how to invest a little more in that sense, and take into account that any investment they make in development should be scalable.

Following this he mentioned Artificial intelligence It can be used in any operational, financial and financial process and data analysis; And this new technology is going to mark a very important milestone just like the internet as it will help us make more use of data.

On the other hand, the lead tax and legal partner of the Northeast business unit and the lead partner of KPMG Mexico's tax transition practice noted that in order for companies to face the risks of digital transformation, they must eliminate resistance to change. The focus has already shifted and is reacting to changing plans.

In addition, they must take into account that the entire operational strategy must be aligned with the investments made for finance, tax and treasury, and that everything must be coordinated.

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Meanwhile, Mendoza also pointed out that they should take into account the risk of a company being fined or using digital stamps for non-compliance and not being able to invoice. That's why every procedure undertaken should be done carefully and have a contingency plan.

Finally, he explained that employees should be trained according to new skills or abilities to get the necessary benefit from the whole digital control tool implemented in the company.

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