Arm yourself with the best technology for back to school

There are various tools that not only facilitate student learning but also make the educational experience more dynamic.

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It is important to properly configure technology devices so that minors can navigate without problems. Pixabe

As the new academic year begins, students and educators are gearing up for the classic school-to-school. However, unlike traditional race Notebooks and pens, the current product is also getting digital priority.

That's it, The Electronic devices Increasingly, digital resources have become an essential support tool and a valuable complement to daily school life. learning process. Gadgets not only make learning easier, but also make the educational experience more dynamic and engaging.

Other than recycling your school supplies and buying new uniforms What students do when they return to school is to look for tools This will help them in their daily life at school.

These are teams targeting each school division by age Educational approach, because it provides the characteristics that students are looking for Regarding technical support for their educational needs.

what you need

Technology has made it possible to offer new experiences in classrooms. Allies students and teachers need as they return to school:

1. A computer, key. The goal is to have a team because of its performance and capability It is ideal for simple tasks and multimedia tasks like design, development, editing or content creation with total efficiency and speed.

2. Ergonomic mouse and keyboards. To avoid fatigue and possible pain in your wrists and hands, try ergonomically adjusting the mouse and keyboard on your computer at home. And smooth to operate. Logitech, Belkin, Samsung, Microsoft etc. offer models.

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3. Printer. Printed assignments are increasingly in demand in schools and universities. Some of the brands are Epson, HP, Canon etc. If you have multiple children reading, opt for a refillable ink tank.

4. External monitor. It is a very useful accessory to expand your PC desktop. And there is more work area for tasks, jobs, design, editing etc. Samsung, LG, Acer, Lenovo offer equipment.

5. Tablet. Another very useful tool for back to school. Perfect for reading, consuming educational content, and accessing work sites in class. Create content and spark creativity. The iPad, iPad Pro and iPad Air top the range with an Apple Pencil option.. Android has options from Samsung, Lenovo, Xiaomi, Huawei, Honor etc.

In case of PC there are similar brands Lenovo, Hewlett-Packard, Asus, Acer and Apple with various offerings for all budgets, cProcessors or 'brains' of Intel brands (Core 5 and 7), as well as AMD Ryzen (5, 7 and 9) with capabilities for artificial intelligence and work from simple tasks to the most demanding multimedia processes.

Internet is important

It is important to have a good internet access speed at home so that children and teenagers can work on their academic homework online to their full potential, taking into account that most tasks and jobs are carried out on the sites. High-demand virtual files, as well as sending or sharing large files online.

Having a fiber optic connection is great for two reasons: symmetry, that is, the speed of downloading things from the Internet, the speed of sending or publishing something over the network, and Latency means there is no delay between queries made during browsing.

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In addition, you can confidently connect multiple devices and use the connection at the same time Check out Fiber in the Home, educational content for virtual sessions, among others. Prefer connection over 300 MB capacity on fiber optics.

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