They recommend more technology to improve mobility

The Urban Mobility Forum, convened by Listin Diario, met last Tuesday the 16th of this month, and here are the results of the working tables that addressed the main topics of discussion.

Technical table


INTEC, CNE, Magnetic Levitation, UNAPEC, 911, INTRANT, Bicimeter.


Legal framework

1. A review of the legal and regulatory framework for flexibility in implementing disruptive technology with future implementation.

2. Technology transfer analyzing existing solutions.

3. Analysis of Freight Transport with Controlled/Renewable Energy in Bulk/Guided System Utilization.

Accelerate the movement

1. Promote faster routing by expanding the payment process with a temporary QR that can be scanned from a mobile phone rather than just using the existing physical sensor.

2. Dedicated track system to manage its smooth flow.

3. Strengthen traffic light time management on critical (main) routes, short-term operations.

4. Increase access to sites that track movement and improve car pooling.

5. Encourage inter-organizational collaboration in support of its employee mobility program.

6. Collaboration with Google to expand decision-making platforms in transportation management.

7. Inspect the vehicle as a real-time track condition monitor to feed a surveillance system that supports management by drones.

Road organization and supervision

1. Encourage intensive use of the machine learning system and integrated video surveillance INTRANT-911 with analytics on time segments, routes, vehicle types and routes.

2. Restricted Access Zone (ZAR), to manage (heavy vehicles) intelligence, control their movement in real time and ensure their access in sanctioned areas.

3. Granting permissions to access specific access areas managed between 911 and DIGESETT.

4. Integration of vehicle license plate systems, insurance management etc. Should be very proficient in studies.

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5. Expand the body camera program for agents to improve the treatment of citizens by agents.

6. A platform for managing vehicles impounded in transit.

7. The use of inertia, the use of bicycle lane analysis to manage classification and improve safe movement / Proposing pilot projects to study behavior Richard Moreta Castillo (BICIMETRO).

8. BICI metro system, system design between Santo Domingo Este for 3rd generation electric vehicles in vertical development, solar panels with advertising system for return on investment.

9. Improve infrastructure inspections with video surveillance.

Supervision and Compliance Schedule

Inspection and Compliance Schedule


Naco Neighborhood Council, Radio Programs and Digital Media -Carros y Más, CONADIS, MOVIDO, Dominican Chamber of Insurers and Reinsurers (CADOAR), Road Safety Secretary Fuerza del Pueblo, Democratic Option.


Immediate steps to strengthen supervision

1. Demand increased number of agents to monitor traffic violators at Policono Central.

2. Regulate the circulation of motorcyclists at intersections that do not respect traffic lights.

3. Increase the number of speed limit signs on highways.

4. Establishing regulations for the use and supervision of bicycle lanes.

5. Regulation of parking at Heroes Centre.

6. Identify areas that need to be adapted for proper mobility and accessibility.

7. Implement actions that focus on social impact, such as parking garages that charge for parking on public roads.

8. Regulation of movement of goods vehicles traveling with foreign license plates. (semi-trailers).

9. Increase the amount of insurance coverage on vehicles.

10. Design and implement an orientation campaign for citizens about Act 63-17.


1. Allowance for vehicles that hide plates or drive without them.

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2. Penalty for speeding on Avenida de la Salute.

3. Give agents the resources they need to track speeding on the roads.

4. Amend Law 63-17 to modify prescription of violation registration.

5. 63-17, Art. 189 Amend Vehicle Retention Act.

6. Enforcement of photo fines.

7. Requirement to comply with Rule 63-17 regarding trailers and semi-trailers.

8. Strengthen effect regime.

9. Limit speed in crowded and recreational areas.

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