Inspired by Nazi technology, the aircraft would revolutionize aeronautics with an engine that had no moving parts

So far, prototype tests have been successful.

Prototype already tested | Image: Wave Engine Corp

An airplane engine without moving parts would be in the making and already achieved First successful tests for take off and landing. So, it's a very interesting machine that could revolutionize aeronautics with one clear objective in mind: to be more efficient and powerful than the current one.

An amazing race on engines with no parts

Wave Engine Corporation has embarked on development Modern aeronautics is one of the most ambitious technologies in the world and has many applications, both military and civil. It's about a A machine that does not move parts inside And its retro design draws attention. And, to a large extent, it's based on that Technologies Used in World War II axial forces.

It is called a machine The pulse belongs what Produces combustion in intermittent pulses and no significant moving parts. Therefore, its design is very simple, it is very easy to manufacture and therefore it is distributed. Additionally, it assures fuel cost Very small. It was inspired by Nazi Germany's production engines, which were used in their later jet designs and V-1 self-propelled missiles.

Computer science is becoming more and more important in aviation, which is why we now see robots that can fly any plane. However, although we have not reached that point in this case, we see that part of the machine's work has been delegated. Computer control. It's been around for a long time, but in the 40s it was impossible, so they used it Mechanical valves for aircraft of this type of aircraft or missiles.

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On the other hand, this aircraft has been tested at the aerodrome and has set a record Landing, taking off and reaching a speed of 300 kmph. They assure us that these speeds are not guaranteed and may vary very fast Currently, this technology is only in a pilot environment.

Also, the company itself is promising Different types of fuels can be used. Although they mentioned only the most general aeronautics, such as Gasoline, kerosene and ethanol. However, who knows if it will have other applications in future airplanes that use hydrogen as jet fuel.

Now, this machine is still in the initial testing phase, which means a Further research To improve technology and take it to a new level. However, it is very exciting how quickly and efficiently the project is moving forward and it is possible We can see it in business applications Soon.

In summary, we find the following significant points:

  • A US startup has tested a machine that uses pressure waves inspired by a machine used by Nazi Germany during World War II.
  • It promises high energy efficiency, low fuel consumption and optimum drivability.
  • The engine has been tested on a replica of the drone-like A-10 attack aircraft. It took off and landed successfully without any issues.
  • Machine, that The pulse belongs It produces combustion in intermittent pulses and has no visible moving part, which makes its design as simple as possible.
  • It uses computer control, while older systems used mechanical valves, allowing for increased speed and further reducing system complexity.
  • This time, it reached a speed of 300 km/h, but was limited by the environment of the facility.
  • You can use different fuels: gasoline, kerosene or ethanol-based biofuel.
  • Although it is still in the experimental phase, it represents a very interesting development for the future.
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