Firefighters use high-tech drones to fight fires

Firefighters of Bogotá They are redoubling efforts to put out the fires that have scorched vast swathes of the eastern hills. In the last two days. In addition to brave work on land, a detachment Six specialized pilots use sophisticated drones to monitor and control the spread of the fire It still lasts at night. Not only this advanced technology Accelerates emergency responseBut Provides important data Effectively directing destruction efforts.

The vegetation of the eastern highlands has suffered severe damage due to the wild progress of the fire, but Relief organizations have implemented technological toolsSuch as drones with thermographic capabilities to carry out detailed analysis of the affected area. Thanks to this equipment, emergency response is accelerated Significantly, it indicates to firefighters on the ground the exact points to hit and provides them with vital information for their safety.

Handling these drones is not an easy task; Colombian regulations require operators to go through rigorous courses and certifications.

Each of the six pilots in command operates the drones Represents a significant investmentcheater It cost more than 50 million pesos. However, the risk of flying in fire areas is real, as advanced equipment can suffer significant damage.

Despite the challenges, Thermal imaging provided by drones represents a positive advance in forest fire control. Officials hope efforts on the ground and the effectiveness of aerial technology will help contain it Completely extinguish the threat Over the next few hours in the eastern highlands.

David Cardoso | CityTV

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