Las Vegas Tech Show Showcases How to Make Everyday Life Easier

Technology is often designed to make everyday tasks easier. Brushing teeth or health services are no exception, but no one thinks it is possible to achieve the desired gift that is ubiquitous.

Here are some of the examples displayed in the halls of the Technology Show (CES) in Las Vegas, USA.

„Is this a toothbrush for lazy people?” asks a visitor at the Y-Brush booth.

A French company has designed a „Y”-shaped electric toothbrush that can be inserted into the mouth and do all the work in twenty seconds instead of two minutes.

„Just chew, go from right to left for ten seconds, same down, and that's it,” explained Y-Brush America representative, Jatt Chacin.

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The promoter says the idea came about when the founder told himself, „No one takes two minutes to brush.”

Along with sales in Europe, the Y-Brush is now available in the US for around a hundred dollars.

CES attendees passing by the Holoconnects booth may be momentarily confused. Is there a person in that big transparent box? Until they realize: it's a hologram, and the real person is right next to it, in front of the camera.

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The Dutch company specializes in hyperrealistic 3D holograms, projected into human-sized boxes or small boxes that can be placed on a table or shelf.

Holograms have been of interest for years, especially in the entertainment industry.

But Steve Sterling, director for North America at Holoconnects, assures that its use is increasingly widespread because „very high-definition images create more appeal.”

„At the moment, a global conference on dispute resolution is taking place between Amsterdam and Phoenix, Arizona. We have engaged an expert from Amsterdam to participate remotely in the university panel,” he explained.

Holographic boxes are especially used in the hotel, medical and distribution industries.

Thanks to its technology and generative artificial intelligence, Holoconnects can create avatars of real people, capable of interacting with humans without disturbing the real model.

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„We created an avatar for a vineyard sommelier, where you can ask questions, talk about winemaking, and he'll respond,” said Steve Sterling.

„They're the smartest toilets in the world,” boasts Ryan Crodecutt, marketing manager for smart toilets at Kohler, an American specialist in kitchen and bathroom design.

Grotegut talks about the Numi 2.0 model.

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It only opens when a user approaches and sits in the heated rear window to his chosen temperature, and when done he can get up and go about his business. Numi 2.0 is what activates the chain, adjusts the amount of water according to the time of use (from 3 to 3.80 liters), deodorizes and disinfects.

For user cleaning, the toilet is equipped with a small shower whose temperature, pressure and other features are customizable. It comes with a drying device. A magnetic remote control allows the user to select what they want, but Amazon's virtual assistant, Alexa, is integrated into the toilet.

These toilets, which are customizable with colored LED lights, sell for about $8,500 to $10,000, depending on the color.

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Vixion01 glasses no longer require progressive lenses, which allow you to see an object clearly and instantly whether it is very close or far away „Sensors that measure distance and adjust thickness. Lenses” . An application allows you to customize the formula.

„They are autofocus glasses,” Takuya Nonaka, one of the managers of Japanese company Vixion, explains to AFP, and they allow you to see very fine details, such as the grain of wood.

Its battery lasts up to ten hours and, for safety reasons, is not recommended for driving or playing sports. For now they are only available in Japan and are priced at $700 in the same design.


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