This is the new brand identity of the Spanish league, which aims to expand its audience around the world

„The harder, the better”Reading the LinkedIn profile of Angel GonzalezMarketing Manager Spain’s LaLigaIt will be hereafter Lalika, in all capital letters. Because starting this Monday the country’s premier competition has rebranded with the aim of continuing to be „the biggest soccer ecosystem in the entire industry.” In Zoom for several Latin American media he participated NationThe manager suggested some changes that included the Clasico between Real Madrid and Barcelona.

About the technology sponsor, González answered: „We don’t see it as a risk, but rather as an opportunity to tell some stories. We bet on creating experiences for my father’s generation through technology: for example, we were able to relive the moments of the so-called „Quinta del Buitre” through the video game. ” Quinta del Buitre” is a group of footballers who took Real Madrid to the top of Europe and Spain, including Emilio „Vulture” Putraguno, Manolo Sanches, Miguel Bardeza, Miguel „Michael” Gonzalez and Rafael Martin Vázquez.

What can a technology supporter contribute closer to the new generations who play on their consoles than the historical fans who listen to the radio? “We’re going to see how the video game universe helps build LaLiga. The danger was gone Technical expertsI mean, being very technical. There’s an example that illustrates it well (we’ve already thought about it): When we play a video game, we use radar to know where our soccer players are. The radar is lost as the camera cuts forward. We lose information. And this is information that can help young people and my father’s generation,” explains González. Therefore, the introduction of „radars” in future exchanges of LALIGA matches should not be ruled out.

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Regarding the Clasico between Real Madrid and Barcelona (the most important and convening game of the season), the Spanish competition executive expects: “There will be a new identity of the Clasico with many innovations. It is a registered trademark of LaLiga. It is its own identity. Special. We already treat it that way and will continue to do so.

Gonzalez noted one issue that has kept Laliga in check in recent days: the racist attacks she has faced. Vinicius Jr, Real Madrid footballer. „We have already said, we have described many times how disgusted we are with what happened. We have been working for years. We were the main players first, so now there is a perception that we did not do enough. We are asking the powers that be to allow: we want to act. This is nothing new. .We have been working for many years. And the new brand is not something we have just invented. We have to prove pride. It is never enough. Until there is only one case, we are going to keep fighting,” the LALIGA executive expected.

Vinicius Junior, Real Madrid player receives racist insult on Valencia pitch
Vinicius Jr. is a Real Madrid player who received racist insults on the soccer field Valencia – Thanks to: @Alberto Saiz

Gonzalez also reviewed how the job went this year, in which he restructured the brand of the main Spanish competition, which is the second most global competition in the world, behind only the English Premier League. „We needed a dress that was more relevant to our reality.”, said the marketing director. And he added: „The reality is the football ecosystem, it’s already there, I didn’t create it. We decided two years ago that this new brand would be the tool to say what we did. In March 2022, to see how we can partner with each other, We started to accelerate discussions with EA Sports. They told us that they were going to create a new brand. We agreed to do this part of the strategy and rebranding in June 2022. We had to speed up the supply of materials for the balls and shirts for the new season. We started the commercial shoot in December last year and shot at the end of March and the beginning of April. It is a very intense and difficult master,” he concluded.

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What about the King’s League competition?, a competition designed and marketed by Gerard Pique and streamer Ibai Llanos? Does it affect the more traditional Lalika or not? „We see the King’s League as something very positive. More people are showing football. We see it as something very complementary. But we know where we are. We grow football in general. We represent professional football.

In this sense, making LALIGA grow is one of the main objectives of its managers. To do this, they need to surpass the Premier League in market penetration, which has achieved better rates and more lucrative TV rights deals in recent years. González, the Spanish competition’s brand manager, has no doubts. “LaLiga has great power and stamina. Bringing him closer to the fans has always been very important for everyone. We strongly believe that football is in the street. We want to bring football closer to the street. Urban Art: We don’t want to tell LaLiga that we’re here. I want Lalika to tell me how they perceive it and how they interpret it in different countries”.

July 3 will be D-Day for the new old Spanish league. It will showcase its new brand identity to the world and prepare for next season.

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