Federopticos Aprise in Abadino combines pioneering technology in the optical industry

This is WIVI Vision, which helps diagnose visual impairments in 12 minutes

Loria is an optometrist with 30 years of experience at Federopticos Aprise

Advertisement | | At Federópticos Apraiz in Matiena they have incorporated a pioneering technology in the optical field called WIVI Vision, which allows them to diagnose visual impairments in 12 minutes and at the same time treat these dysfunctions, improving the performance, quality and visual health of their products. . train patients and visual skills; All this within 3 months.

We spoke to Loria, a 30-year-old optometrist at Federopticos Aprise. Experience in the field.

How does WIVI Vision, Lorea work?

The WIVI Vision solution is based on advanced technology such as artificial intelligence, big data and 3D, which combined with gamification, allows the gameplay to be adapted to each patient based on how they are and creates a completely personalized training using different video games. With the 3D glasses, the customer plays video games for about 20 minutes with WIVI Vision, and the computer evaluates 50 visual areas and provides personalized visual training for 20 minutes per session and they recover 100% within 3 months; WIVI Vision „Eye Physio”.

Why WIVI now Lorea?

WIVI allows care at any age and is designed for the entire population. In today’s world, the visual functions of everyday tasks are very visually demanding, not just in children, but at any age. Since the advent of smartphones and the number of virtual professional activities, we spend many hours in front of screens, and our visual system is not always ready to efficiently maintain reading and concentration skills.

More than 85% of the information our brain receives enters through our eyes. In children and adolescents, training and learning often depends on their vision and reading comprehension, where visual changes can have an impact, leading to academic failure. Children and adults alike need their eyes to not only see well with or without glasses to properly process the information they receive through their eyes, but also to respond to all the visual demands that the pace of our lives presents to us. All situations: driving, watching on your phone, playing different games. 4 out of 10 people have vision impairment, which is why it’s so important to have thorough routine eye exams.

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WIVI Vision’s solution is based on advanced technology such as artificial intelligence, big data and 3D.

What is Vision Therapy, Loria?

Vision therapy is a type of treatment whose purpose is to correct Improves visual impairments and visual abilities. It is a rehabilitative therapy that uses customized visual exercises to see moving objects, see different planes, and read correctly.

Visual therapy and currently there are various techniques It is also useful to implement artificial intelligence mechanisms such as WIVI, which can adapt and learn new skills based on the brain and visual system.

Vision therapy exercises are designed to achieve proper eye muscle function, improve coordination between the eyes, and improve the ability to process visual information.

Vision therapy can be useful for people of all ages, but it is especially useful for children who may struggle in school because of undetected visual impairments that affect their reading comprehension and hinder them from achieving school performance.

Additionally, eye strain or blurred vision can often lead to headaches or difficulty concentrating on daily tasks.

We can say that WIVI is the perfect tool for vision therapy Childish, Loria or not?

Yes definitely. We like to call it visual training. We must remember that our children read, study, learn and communicate during the school process. Usually everything goes smoothly, but sometimes we see patterns that catch our attention. We normalize; They are glued to the screen to see the maps, They get so close to what they read that they often rub their eyes or have difficulty articulating clearly what they read in a book.

With WIVI, your child can improve his visual performance thanks to the visual training it provides and artificial intelligence and Virtual reality so you can have fun while improving your eyesight.

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Outcomes are goals for each patient. Many visual skills are trained simultaneously, Facilitates their coordination and coordinated action, which is a Significant reduction in treatment time, less than 3 months. Why don’t you try?

What symptoms does WIVI relieve?

– Difficulty concentrating.

– Poor reading comprehension. Slow reader.

– Avoid lines while reading.

– Difficulty learning.

– Intermittent blurred vision.

– Headache.

Fatigue caused by prolonged use of electronic devices.

WIVI works for adults and athletes too, right, Lori?

Yes, adults can benefit from WIVI too. Vivi isn’t just for the visually impaired, it can Help athletes who want to improve their visual performance or people who want to prevent future eye problems.

With WIVI, patient assessment times are also simplified to 12 minutes instead of 60 minutes.

What benefits does WIVI Vision Lorea offer us?

WIVI allows comprehensive visual cognitive assessments to measure any person’s visual system abilities; as well as the use of personalized training to improve and standardize the vision of those suffering from visual impairments. Among its advantages:

Improve people’s quality of life and measure whether they have Visual impairments. Up to 50 parameters are measured from 5 display areas Contrast with 4-parameter single-part methods Traditional in just 12 minutes.

Not just detection, but recovery. Design custom training For each person, the malfunction (or malfunctions) is not limited to the basis He suffers, but to what extent he presents them

It is objective in its metrics, fun, and a unique user experience Reduces session and recovery times to less than 3 months

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Ease of use, conducting assessments and Obtaining clinical results by optometrists and For training.

With a medical certificate issued by the Ministry of Health There is no risk to the user

What do you suggest we do, Loria?

We all need to reexamine our vision once a year. I encourage you to stop by our optician to try and diagnose WIVI How this personalized vision training can change their lives.

More information at:

Federopticos Aprise

13 Dranabaran Street

Mattiana, Abadino

Phone: 94 6819865

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