The Ministry of Public Affairs of Buenos Aires was recognized for the implementation of high technology in judicial administration

The Technological Innovation Program was created in 2018 by Buenos Aires Attorney General Julio Conte Grant (Courtesy: Public Ministry).

The Ministry of Public Affairs of the Province of Buenos Aires received international recognition „Project MPBA 2050″, a plan aimed at implementation High technology In Judicial Management Processes. It is coordinated by the Laboratory of Public Sector Innovation (OPSI). OECD A valuable site dedicated to the dissemination of „Case Library Study”. Good innovation practices In the public sector worldwide.

This project was created in 2018 by the Attorney General of the Province of Buenos Aires, Julio Conde GrantFor the purpose of applying information technology and Communication (ICT), Artificial intelligence (AI) and agile management methods in the different processes that make up the criminal justice service.

Since then, under guidance Patricio Moyano PeñaAn interdisciplinary team was responsible for implementing more than 90 people Technical efforts This led to implementation Administrative electronic filefrom Electronic product criminal investigation And A virtual assistant or chatbot. The Public Ministry's Criminal Investigation System and „My Security” (MiSeg) application were finalized.

Other initiatives that came to light based on the MPBA 2050 project were incorporated as a project within the project. Strategic Plan of Public MinistryDigital Police Summary, Operability Integrating Administrative Systems and Service Design and Consumer Experience of the Supreme Court of the Province.

Main site of „MPBA 2050” recognized by OPSI as global case study (Photo: Screenshot)

According to the Public Ministry of Buenos Aires, the project's impact „can be measured through quantitative data.” In that sense, “More 3.7 million complaints Y Police Procedure Minutes In digital form and 426 thousand citizen complaints Through the MiSeg app; have been created 1.2 million jobs or references through an electronic administrative file; Roughly 1.5 million people are affected are contacted through the management system of Relationship with citizen; Further 23 million procedures Through electronic IPP. This was made possible through collaborative work with the Attorney General's Undersecretary for Information Technology and other areas of the Attorney General.”

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For its part, coordination “Case Library StudyIt is an organization belonging to the International Forum of OPSI Organization for Economic Co-operation and DevelopmentAs indicates the approval of the technical plan Case study to the rest of the world. In fact, when presenting the „MPBA 2050 Project” on the platform, OPSI points out: „The uniqueness of this case lies in its strategic and planned use. A battery of emerging technologies and Modern Administrative Techniques in Criminal Justice.”

For the Public Ministry, one of the most important aspects of the present scheme is „Cultural change„At an institutional level, promoted by an „open model of public innovation with 2050 as its horizon”. Under these parameters, the project „promotes Active and collaborative participation All agents of the organization organize the organizational creative process based on criteria for improvement in the use of resources, planning and maximization of results.

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