Kia presents its new vehicle technology in a successful Peter Pan ad

Words by Ben Falk, author and journalist at Yahoo!

Kia has released a new ad revealing the range of futuristic technologies they plan to add to their cars in the future, and there are some exciting things in the pipeline.

You can watch the following video:

Based on the classic Peter Pan story with grown-up Peter and Wendy confronting the wealthy tyrant Captain Hook in Neverland in 2030, a world where a one-handed villain monopolizes automotive technologies not ready for everyday people to access. They are (something Kia’s philosophy of „everything has no limits” is particularly contradictory).

The Kia concept car is a confrontation that helps the good guys, along with some of the innovations that the company’s research and development teams are currently working on.

What can you expect your Kia to do in the future?

Smart Biometric Access System

The company says, “[los nuevos avances] They should be designed to provide comfort and enjoyment to the user.

Authentication software certainly does that. The idea of ​​genius isn’t too far from the technology found in some high-end smartphones, and adding this functionality to your car is an incredible next step in efforts to streamline your life and make things easier.

The technology will be more advanced as it will scan your walking patterns and facial profile to identify the driver. It not only unlocks the car but also offers personalized services like adjusting the seat position. Very carefully.

We imagine this will increase the security levels around your vehicle, making it a useless target for any potential thieves.

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AI-powered smart voice assistant

With the proliferation of smart home devices, people are getting used to having an automated assistant at home. One of Kia’s innovations is designed to make road trips easier.

The intelligent agent automatically understands the driver’s voice command and responds accordingly. The system will recommend which driving mode to use based on the driver’s conditions and the weather outside, or automatically switch to autopilot mode when you need to rest.

Sound Focus Technology

Called Sound Focus Technology, it’s designed for electric cars because they produce almost no sound. With no engine noise, pedestrians can’t hear an electric car approaching, even when they’re right next to them.

Instead of adding noise to the car (and the roads), this technology allows the car to focus on a specific person. In fact, in today’s world, if a pedestrian walks down the road without looking, he won’t ask for an electric car. In tomorrow’s world, the car will conduct sound towards them, thus alerting them to the car’s presence.

Smart Pixel Light Technology

Smart Pixel Light technology means „Your lights are on!” Messages to other drivers such as „Caution!” Such as allowing our cars to present messages to pedestrians.

This will help clear the clutter on the roads with the current „flashing lights” system, which usually confuses and distracts drivers without informing them.

An electric car that can be charged on the move

Electric cars are at the forefront of the fight against climate change, but one of their current drawbacks is how many kilometers they can travel before stopping and recharging.

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What about charging the vehicle’s battery while on the go? Going plug-in could revolutionize electric car travel and eliminate the huge cost of installing charging points in rural areas.

In-car healthcare system

In Kia’s new movie, one of the things we see the citizens of Neverland gain after Captain Hook’s defeat is the use of a built-in smart health system that can check their heart rate. All from the driver’s seat of your vehicle.

It uses a flexible radar that does not harm the human body and checks your vital signs. If the car detects any health problems, it will advise the driver to rest or automatically park the car in a safe place and call emergency services.

Smart windows

Smart windows allow passengers to enjoy visual entertainment such as music concerts or movies on the surrounding glass and mirrors. Tomorrow’s world will not require smartphones or tablets.

In the end, it’s clear from Peter Pan Returns and Gia’s ambitions that none of this will last long in science fiction.

To view the full Peter Pan Returns video and videos of the techniques described in the short film, visit the Peter Pan Returns website. Kia Motors.

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