10 gifts for tech-loving parents

Everything has parents who deserve it. Maybe you're considering a gift for yourself next March 19th, so here I am with some tech advice that I'm sure I'll love. I have chosen the combination Gadgets For all tastes and needsThese are all my favorite products of 2024. In short, The perfect gift for parents who are not new to technology Which of them do you like the most?

Always a clean car: Dyson Gen5detect

Photo: Dani Gonzalez

Automobile is a passion. I fondly remember leaving the family car like gold at home on Saturday mornings. At that point we took the extension cord out the window of the house to vacuum with our sled vacuum cleaner, making the task difficult. Now we do it Easy, easyWith this Dyson Handheld Vacuum Cleaner.

New Dyson Gen5detect (€999), I'll tell you in depth soon, sneaks into any corner and collects the remains of sand and dust with its conical brush. It is proud to be the most powerful model ever made by the brand Approximate battery life is 45 minutes.

Marathon movies at home with Sonos Beam

Photo: Dani Gonzalez

At the same time TV brands have improved their screens, they have also improved their audio. And impossibly thin designs don't make for good integrated speakers, helping sound bars gain their place in the market. That's why the following is one of the best gifts for tech-loving parents.

Sonos Beam (€549) has a compact design with reproducible capabilities Dolby Atmos sound Enjoy fully immersive movies and series. When the TV is off, you can use it to play music or podcasts in the living room with amazing quality.

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The perfect shave: OneBlade included

Photo: Dani Gonzalez

You can choose from clippers, blades and more. Or simply want to OneBlade. Philips' proposition is exceptional with its series of compact razors. They are used for face and body and are capable of effortless trimming, contouring and shaving.

His last premier OneBlade 360 ​​is included (€52.99) fits into any backpack, has an innovative tilting plate that improves contact with the entire surface of the leather and is attached to Processor Acts as a step-by-step guide to precision shaving using augmented reality on your phone.

Requesting compatibility with Apple Watch

Photo: Dani Gonzalez

There are lots of little gifts. For the more conceited, The Bracelets for Apple Watch (€49) is a great option. Apple has released a new spring collection with beautiful shades that inspire such vitality and energy Solar yellow oh Soft mint.

But undoubtedly the special edition black unity, It represents the resilience of communities of color, and takes the cake. The hand-painted painting of colorful flowers looks spectacular and demonstrates the struggle to eradicate systemic racism. The bracelet matches the dial for the Apple Watch and wallpaper for iPhone and iPad.

Anywhere Music: Nothing Year (2)

Photo: Dani Gonzalez

There's a lot more to completely wireless earbuds than an eye-catching design. Because, although this is its main characteristic, the None Ear (2) (€149) They do many things well.

It's a pleasure to listen to music with them every day Thanks to adaptive noise cancellation and a customized sound profile for each user Processor. Its pressure sensors allow Control cancellation or adjust volume with a single press.

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Your most creative side with Apple Pencil

Photo: Dani Gonzalez

Anyone who loves art has thought about creating at some point. The iPad is a great canvas for this, If you already use it to watch web pages or videos, it's time to take it a step further.

New Apple Pencil USB-C (€95) Compatible with most models and allows you to take notes Significant And draw reproduce with maximum accuracy. When you're not using it, it's magnetically attached, so you won't lose it.

Adventures forever recorded: GoPro HERO 12 Black

Photo: Dani Gonzalez

Whether you're into mountains, cycling, skydiving, rodeo kayaking… in short, any action sport, with this GoPro camera You would definitely be right. New HERO12 Black (450€) Immortalize these adrenaline moments with its enhanced color gamut (HDR) and hyper-video stabilization that eliminates all vibrations.

The camera has the most comprehensive collection of accessories for creators and gamers, and records video horizontally or vertically. Never done with the quality of reminiscing about adventures at home or sharing them on social networks.

Need an update? Parents must have tech gifts

Your dad might be one of those parents who needs one of those easy gifts that will upgrade his essential tech devices, as there's no need to rack your brains most of the time. That bicycle-powered cell phone, an old computer whose battery only lasts a few minutes, or that smartwatch you've always dreamed of…whatever it is, here are some options!

A new phone

Photo: Dani Gonzalez

At the time of selection Smartphones There are many things to take into account. From design to cameras, power, battery, Software Even more. For Apple lovers, no doubt The new iPhone 15 (€959) is a great choice: the screen is amazing, its processor flies and the cameras are insane.

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There are great options in the Android landscape OnePlus 12 (€969) with Hasselblad camera -It makes everything better- or new No telephone (2a) (€329) It offers a symmetrical design with plenty of identity.

A smart watch

Photo: Dani Gonzalez

Against all odds, My father and his Smart watch They have become inseparable. Again, options for both worlds: Apple and Android. Without a doubt, the Californian model takes the cake in terms of innovation and performance.

He Nuevo Apple Watch Series 9 (€449) is one of the roundest products on the market, despite its square design. For non-iPhone users, Google offers a very similar alternative Pixel Watch 2 (€399): Connected apps, sports tracking and now a circular box.

New Mac

Photo: Dani Gonzalez

If you're looking for a new computer, Now is a great time to try Mac. Apple computers are great, and Apple chips have made them more powerful and battery-lasting than ever before.

The newly launched MacBook Air with the M3 chip (€1,299) A great laptop that will last for years.

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