Japan is mounting a giant structure on the moon that rotates every 20 seconds to mimic Earth’s gravity.

Yes, Japan will land a giant structure on the moon for people to live in, which will rotate every 20 seconds to simulate Earth’s gravity.

Japan will land a giant structure on the moon, which will be named „The Glass”.. This construction rotates every 20 seconds to follow the Earth’s gravity. The project, which appears to be taken from a Christopher Nolan movie, was presented by Kajima Corporation on July 5 at a conference organized by Kyoto University.

Kajima Corporation aims to replicate the same living conditions on the moon as on Earth. In these conditions gravity, as we well know, is less on the Moon. A system that uses centrifugal force to harness gravity has been developed to match the Moon’s gravity with Earth’s gravity.

„The Class” is a project that spans approximately 100 years. Yes, we will never see how Kajima Corporation executes this plan. Risks and construction problems represent a difficult step to overcome, placing the project’s trust in technologies developed in the future.

Of course, a smaller and simpler version of „The Glass” is expected to be on the moon by 2050. While the expectations are huge when completing the project, so is the risk. No data has been released on how they intend to carry out this construction on the Moon, although they have hinted that Mars is also in their plans.

Japan will land a giant structure on the moon with artificial gravity to mimic Earth

Artificial gravity is one of the key points of the project. It is the foundation for the construction of a building capable of rotating on its own axis to create an artificial gravity similar to Earth. The structures will be separated and „The Glass” will have different spaces allowing the occupants of this lunar building to live.

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Forests, waterfalls and biodiversity. The plans are ambitious, and Kajima Corporation has in mind creating a completely different environment. Also, the construction of a transportation system between the Moon and the Earth, which will be known as the „Hexagonal Space Route System”, will begin.

„Glass” is still on paper. We will have to wait a long time to see this construction started and completed. At this time you can only trust in technology and within Progress What mankind has done over the past few centuries in space exploration.

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