HR agencies focus on new regulation

Applicants view job opportunities at a job fair in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province. [Photo by Liu Jianhua/For China Daily]

China recently issued its first regulation on the management of human resource agencies to tighten oversight of their operations and protect a safe job market for the public.

According to the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, the regulation applies to human resource companies and organizations in the mainland, including those that collect and publish job information, provide human resource management consulting and employment or entrepreneurship guidance, and labor dispatch. Services.

The regulation, which will come into effect on August 1, clarifies the legal responsibilities of human resource agencies and organizations. For example, they must set up a job information management system to verify the reliability and validity of job information provided by employers, and they must suspend or terminate services if they find employers engaging in illegal employment behavior.

Additionally, human resource agencies may not recruit children under the age of 16. They should not alter or falsify their licenses and provide employment services to employers who do not have valid licenses.

Under the regulation, human resource agencies are required to prevent illegal conduct, such as stealing job seekers’ privacy and personal information and selling that information. Agencies may not disrupt the market order by creating a monopoly, unfair competition or harming state interests. Individuals in Human Resource Training.

„I am very pleased to see the release of the regulation that clarifies management accreditation, service standards and supervision of human resource agencies and sites,” said Guo Sheng, CEO of recruitment portal Zhaopin.

Guo said it is not uncommon to see improper or illegal behavior by companies encroaching on people’s labor rights, and this calls for improved management and legal measures in human resource services.

He said that Zhaopin will focus more on communication and coordination with the HR departments to promote the standardized development of the industry in the future.

„We will convey the real problems and lessons learned to the HR departments so that they can further improve the discipline,” he added.

According to the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, China’s human resources market operates smoothly, with most agencies providing honest service and following laws and regulations. The new regulation will help such companies improve and protect their rights and the rights of workers.

„We will improve the guidance of regulatory enforcement for local human resource bureaus and ensure that the regulation is fully implemented. We believe that the human resource industry can develop in a more favorable manner and conform to the natural law of survival. It is more suitable to improve the service efficiency of the entire industry. Also, better standardize the human resource market and its „We will continue to improve the oversight of the industry to promote healthy growth,” the ministry said.

HR sites and agencies have become major recruitment channels for employers in recent years.

According to the ministry, there are about 63,000 human resource agencies in China – such as Sapin and Leibin – which will reach 1.04 million by the end of 2022.

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