Stephen Hawking’s Doomsday Prediction About Artificial Intelligence

Stephen HawkingOne of the most important scientists in history, Some Reflections on Artificial Intelligence. Although we are currently experiencing the boom in this technology, Physicists warned of its dangers years ago.

The scientist is recognized for having raised some of the most important theories of the last decade. If so, his views on society are no doubt very relevant. In 2014, before his death in 2018, Predicted that artificial intelligence will spell the end of humanity.

Stephen Hawking spoke about artificial intelligence in 2014 BBC/Richard hired

„I think the full development of artificial intelligence will lead to the end of humanity,” the scientist said in an interview BBC. „Once humans create AI, it will go out on its own and reinvent itself at an increasingly rapid rate, Populations limited to slow biological evolution could not compete We will be transformed.”

Hawking feared that AI would replace humans, but that dilemma remains today. One concern is that there will be many Jobs and jobs will be replaced by automation and artificial intelligence.

The physicist warned of the dangers of AI years ago (Image: Getty)

Currently, we are at the cutting edge of AI with tools like ChatGPT, DALL-E and Midjourney.

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