Prosegur integrates technology and processes under the Avos Tech umbrella

Chose ProsegurConsolidate your technology process and services outsourcing business in Spain Under the Avos Tech brand (BPO) the purpose of this decision is nothing else Providing comprehensive solutions with high added value based on our own technological development. The transformation, which will be completed in 2025 by merging operations in Chile under a new brand, reflects an evolution of the value proposition. With the growth of its portfolio today includes BPO solutions Software Process management belongs to the BPaaS model (Business Process as a Service).

In this way, Avos Tech Provides an integrated offering capable of covering the process improvement needs of its customers in a highly flexible and scalable manner.. For this, the company Between 2024 and 2025 it plans to invest more than 10 million euros in both its business expansion and SaaS product and architecture development. Through this they seek to penetrate new markets, expand their offering into sectors such as collectibles, applicationsIt already has expertise in the automotive, telecom, ITS and public administrations, in addition to the banking, finance and insurance sectors.

To conquer new markets

Avos Tech finalized its previous strategic plan (2021-23) with a turnover close to 90 million euros. It will soon exceed 100 million euros in line with the strategic objectives of the current business plan covering the period 2024-2025.. Likewise, given the prospect of strong growth, the company Studies expanding its operations in Latin America. In fact, it has been operating in Chile since 2021, after the acquisition of local leader Solunegocios, and hopes to launch its operation in Colombia in the coming weeks, while considering entry into other countries in the region, such as Mexico and Peru. .

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