10 years developing technology and operations in Mexico

With the third edition of the forum „Cities movement„, Uber was celebrated 10 years Being in Mexico.

In the meeting on such topics Impact of technology In Mexican life, Smart City Construction And one A life without violence for women.

Accordingly Juan Pablo IroaDirector General of Movement Uber MexicoParticipating on stage was as relevant in this decade as it is today More than eight million people Those who choose it every month to move, In more than 70 cities from the country.

In an interview for ExcelsiorThe manager pointed out Uber’s transformation in MexicoBecause no one can move or imagine Order to bring food without using the platform, and „It is an honor Learn how it is a part of Mexican life.

A platform with economic and social impact

Uber A Way to income for 1.7 million driving partnersBecause it helps them create Economic optionsAnd if you add Eight million people Those who choose the app every month travelTaken together, you can see its impact on Mexico.

He explained that when measuring Uber’s impact at the national level, there are two important statistics to note: Complete more than three billion trips over 10 years; and to achieve by 2022 a Economic leakage Four billion dollars together with Uber and Uber Eats.

„These figures show the change that Uber has made in operations, but, above all, in improving the lives of Mexicans,” he highlighted.

In another interview, the General Director of Uber Eats Mexico, Daniel KolungaFor Mexicans, Uber is „A verb”, today people generally talk about the stage, whether to move, order food or order Super Market.

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Specifically, for Restaurant industry Uber Eats, he highlighted 20 percent damage Income, „This is an important achievement, Grow with them And replace us with them.

And in a decade Uber is a Accumulated investment is over Three billion dollars in Mexico and saved users Over 63 million hours year.

According to counsel General firstIn 2022 the Economic value was on stage 73.13 billion pesosRevenue from driver and delivery partners, operation of registered businesses, as well multiplier effect Mobility services intermediation and Delivery of goods.

During the forum presentation, the president of Uber Eats Mexico said, “More than 60 percent of the businesses associated with Uber Eats today are small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and 91 percent of them have seen their income grow since joining the platform.

  • More than 8 million Mexicans People choose Uber to get around in more than 70 cities.
  • 3 billion dollar investment 10 years in Mexico
  • Uber Eats reflects around 20% of income In the restaurant industry.
  • 60% business SMEs associated with Uber Eats.
  • Uber created a consumer surplus 468.41 billion pesos.


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