The Indonesian National Armed Forces are receiving armored vehicles

By Meredith Rotten

A U.S. Army snowmobile pulls a ready-to-eat sled during the Joint Pacific International Readiness Center's 24-02 training cycle in February 2024. (Jane's/Meredith Rotten)

Soldiers supported brigades from the backs of snowmobiles in the U.S. military's first large-scale exercise involving a significant number of machines, service officials said. Jane's During the Joint Pacific Multinational Readiness Center (JPMRC) exercise cycle 24-02, it took place from February 12 to 22 at Fort Greely, Alaska.

The exercise used more than 100 Polaris snow machines for resupply and medical evacuation and to transport soldiers, said Maj. Gen. Brian Eifler. Jane's On February 21. Arctic leaders are still confrontingQuestions about the sustainability of such large machines and what kind of machines should be kept in the Army's fleet, he said.

The 11th Airborne Division purchased 160 snowmachines, modeled after Canada's Arctic operations, to place two with each company, Maj. Gen. Eifler said. Jane's In October 2023. Both Canada and Mongolia participated in the JPMRC cycle, but Canada was the dominant force in this exercise.

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