The rural areas of the South East are proposing to review the technology of foot and mouth vaccine used in the country.

By Agriculture. 01/03/2024 | 11:03

In a review of projects of interest, it is proposed to monitor the behavior of the foot and mouth vaccine currently used in the country and how the current public immunization is working, particularly in the Pampas region with an interest in promoting research. And the development of a modern vaccine is less complex in strains, and it can increase its effectiveness and simplify the application schedule, without always stopping the vaccine.

On the other hand, regarding horse slaughter, details of SENASA's role in controlling the chip system used by meat processing plants will be requested by UNICA, the unifying body of companies.

Based on the current actions, this week's meeting of CARBOP board of directors and the provincial connection board are expected to make decisions on several aspects: rural protection, tariff increases and new municipal tariffs of many parties and liquidation of real estate village area of ​​the province, uniform increases and changes, even between continuous items.

14th, Lobara Wheat Day:

And across the board, the Southeast's rural associations have agreed to work together to bring together producers from their region and beyond for another important day of marketing. This time it's the wheat system, the meeting place is Lopara Rural Society, Wednesday 14th from 9am, broker and grain inspector Javier Bujn speaks; Consultant Leandro Pierbattisti, among others, and there will be a discussion among participants to propose measures to improve the producer price system.

Ayacucho Rural Community
Mar Chikita Rural Association
General Guido Rural Society
General Madariaga's Rural Association
Lopara Rural Society
Rural Association of Mar del Plata
Benito Juarez Producers Association
Balcars Rural Society
General Alvarado Rural Society
Thandil Rural Society
Gonzales Chaves Producers Association
Mib Gramya Sangam
Necochea Rural Community
Rauch Rural Community
General Lavalle Rural Society
Rural Association of San Cayetano

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