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Today Melilla will be the scene of an interesting technological event promoted by Telefónica, the main Spanish company in the digital sector, which has decided to bring together experts and authorities in our city to discuss the keys, challenges and opportunities of digital transformation and connectivity. For the betterment of Melilla.

Joaquin Segovia, director of the company in the South region, and Diana Melaro, director of innovation, Manuel Francisco Martínez, director of digital strategy of the Huelva Port Authority, and Ignacio Prada, CEO of Match&Play, will be present. . A representative of the local government headed by President Juan Jose Improta will also attend.

The topic discussed is digital Melilla, entrepreneurial opportunities and talent in a networked community, which is crucially linked to the interest of the regional administrator in making the city a destination for technology-based companies.

Sources familiar with the organization of the event told El Faro yesterday that information from an annual report prepared by Telefónica on digitization data will be presented at the event. The presentation of these results is made every year in a different city, and on this occasion Melilla was chosen following the advice put forward in this regard by the „people” of the government.

It’s not bad that the telecommunications company Telefónica sought the recommendation of an office in the autonomous city and brought the move here, especially since the company is so clearly located in that city. Best in Europe in terms of digital infrastructure. The aforementioned sources, from Telefonica itself, were clear about that. They don’t doubt that Melilla could become a point of interest not only because of its technological potential (it has 100% 5G), but also because of other factors that add up and weigh entrepreneurs’ decisions, such as taxes. Advantages and climate.

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„A Finn would want to bring his digital office to Melilla because he would enjoy tax breaks, everything would be cheaper, including housing, and he would have a wonderful climate,” these sources point out. „Look for targets anywhere in the world because, in the end, all its economic activity is based on technology, and it can be found in any European city that has the appropriate infrastructure for its needs.

It is clear that there is an interesting challenge before the Minister of Technological Innovation, Miguel Marin: to put Melilla at the forefront of all the attractive places for these new businesses. Marin will undoubtedly play a key role today in the relationship with Telefónica, the challenges and opportunities of the digital transformation of companies and the emerging debate about Melilla’s role in this whole technology world.

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