Tech glossary: ​​What is a smart home?

Technology is very useful in daily activities. (Infobae)

The Technology is a fundamental part Its influence on our daily activities will continue to increase throughout our lives and in the years to come, so we must all continue to grow at the same time.

The Covid-19 pandemic has made it clear that there are people who are unprepared Internet of Things, as they seemed foreign to many. They had to catch up quickly so they wouldn't fall behind and maintain contact with activities and people they had to physically stop seeing.

Technology will continue affect our routineSo it is important not to stop expanding our knowledge in terms of cloud space, metawares, USB, cryptocurrencies etc.

Technology is very useful in daily activities. (Reuters)/Dado Ruvik

A smart home is a concept that refers to a home made up of electronic devices and smart appliances that are interconnected so that they can be controlled remotely by any device with Internet access through a special application.

A smart home or smart home (in English) completely automates household tasks, bringing you comfort and security.

This whole series of interconnected appliances is called „home automation” and is very popular today. This technology has allowed our homes to become completely intelligent, undoubtedly improving our quality of life.

It should be noted that a smart home offers many benefits in our lives, as it not only saves time, but also guarantees security, which will give us more peace of mind.

Below, we explain each of these benefits:

Having a smart home allows you to manage the energy consumption of electronic devices, which is undoubtedly a good saving for your pocket and the environment.

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This point can be one of the most important because, thanks to home automation, we can manage the locks of the house, install surveillance systems, among many other things that we can take advantage of with these intelligent devices.


Of course, this point cannot be missed. And with whole home automation, you can control the brightness of the lights, the amount of food in the fridge, the music, and more, from anywhere in the house using an app from your cell phone or another device you have.

Not only is it important to know the benefits of a smart home, but also what are the best apps to manage it.

With the rise of home automation, numerous apps have been created with the aim of providing a control panel that allows you to access every smart device in your home.

These are the most well-known and have the highest number of positive comments:

  • Nest. This app is developed by Google and is responsible for monitoring your entire home. Hence, it provides a system that keeps control of security alarms, cameras, heating and smoke detectors, making it a useful app to keep you safe.
  • Family wall . This application is suitable for organizing not only household tasks but also the activities of the entire family. It's an app that connects you with every member of the family unit, making household management much easier, with amazing features like location, shared calendar, messaging, and task assignment.
  • Google Home. Definitely one of the apps that users love. With Google Home, you can not only manage security cameras throughout your home, but also turn on/off lights, thermostats, and more.
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But leisure time also comes with this app as it allows you to play music, dim the lights to watch TV and parental control, which benefits parents in every way. Undoubtedly, more than a complete application.

Having a smart home brings many benefits that are essential today. For this reason, when implementing home automation in our homes, it is necessary to research the best equipment and applications, choosing quality to guarantee the most comfortable environment.

Technology is an ally in people's daily lives. (EP)

Information that Very technical These regulations clarify how Affects daily activities Why is it important to know them in this fast-paced world?

Although some terms may sound familiar, or rather, strange, the truth is that knowing their meaning allows you to stay one step ahead while living in the vast world of technology.

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