Wang Yi: China-Philippines relationship stands at a crossroads

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi on Wednesday met Philippine Foreign Affairs Secretary Enrique A. During the telephone conversation with Manalo, he urged the Philippine side to prioritize proper management of the current maritime situation.

„The China-Philippines relationship now stands at a crossroads, and its future has yet to be decided,” Wang said. „The Philippine side should proceed with caution.”

He warned that if the Philippine side misjudges the situation, goes its own way, or continues to stir up trouble with „external forces with wrong intentions,” China will defend its rights in accordance with the law and respond firmly.

Due to the serious difficulties currently facing China-Philippines relations, the Philippine side has so far changed its policy position, violated its promises, continued to provoke problems at sea and undermine China’s legal and legitimate rights. Wang is also a member of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China.

Instead of continuing in the wrong direction, the Philippine side should return to the right track as soon as possible, primarily by handling and managing the current maritime situation, he said.

As neighbors separated by water, China and the Philippines should consult and resolve issues, which is not only a good way for neighbors to get to know each other, but also a useful experience for China-Philippines relations, Wang said. to improve.

China is always committed to resolving differences through dialogue and consultation to jointly maintain maritime stability, Wang said.

Manalo, for his part, spoke about the Philippine side’s views on the Renai Jiao issue, expressing hope that the two sides could manage their differences in an acceptable manner, thereby easing tensions and preventing conflicts.

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Manalo said the Philippine side is willing to strengthen dialogue with China in good faith, make good use of the bilateral communication mechanism on maritime issues, and jointly resolve the issue.

Both sides agreed to hold a meeting of the Bilateral Consultative Mechanism in the South China Sea as soon as possible and actively create a favorable environment for it.

(with input from Xinhua)

(Cover: File photo of Wang Yi, Politburo member of the Communist Party of China Central Committee and Chinese Foreign Minister. /Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

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