’Melting Parents NI’ explores how childcare targets will benefit the economy

The Meltdown Parents NI group, which has gained much attention by sharing stories of parents with childcare cost struggles, has set short and long-term goals to tackle the crisis.

Initially launched as a way to give parents a voice, the group has now broadened its aims to include that first goal of real change in Northern Ireland’s childcare system.

They recently conducted a survey that received 2,000 responses about the crisis.

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Becca Harper is one of the founding members of Melted Parents NI and said they worked hard to set clear goals for the short and long term.

Currently Northern Ireland is out of line with other parts of the UK where 30 hours of childcare per week is provided by the government.

„We quickly realized that if we wanted to create and create real change, we needed to share those stories from the core purpose of sharing them, but also have those political demands,” he said.

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