Demand at the top, pressure at the bottom of the pyramid

In the current economic landscape, there is a stark contrast in consumer demand across different income levels. Kenneth Andrade, founder and CEO of Old Bridge Capital Management, believes that while consumption at the higher end of the demographic pyramid is strong, the lower end is facing considerable stress and limited demand.

„Consumer is back on the table for us, especially if you’re going to take stakes in individual businesses….What we’re essentially looking for is which company can create a premium and take consumers to the next level of pricing,” managing director Andrade said. A fund worth $750 million.

In fact, India’s consumer market is poised to become the world’s third largest by 2027, fueled by the rise of middle- and high-income households, according to a report by Fitch Solutions’ BMI as cited by CNBC. India, currently ranked fifth, is expected to see a 29% increase in real household spending, which Fitch predicts will push the country to third place in the global market.

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