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The actor died of cancer on June 3. He played King Arthur’s ally Perceval in the medieval fantasy film Excalibur and a tailor in Better Call Saul.

By Niamh Lynch, Sky News Correspondent @niamhielynch

Saturday 10 June 2023 22:28, UK

Actor Paul Jeffrey, who starred in the 1981 film Excalibur and the TV series Better Call Saul, has died of cancer at the age of 68.

Geoffrey also starred in the 1995 adaptations of Anna Karenina, Wuthering Heights, Poirot and Inspector Morse.

He portrayed King Arthur’s ally Perceval in the medieval fantasy film Excalibur alongside Helen Mirren, Patrick Stewart and Liam Neeson.

Paul Jeffrey (center) speaks with Bill Paxton (left) and Pierce Brosnan at the film’s premiere party in 2000

He played a tailor in Better Call Saul in 2015, and adapted Bob Odenkirk’s character Jimmy McGill into a suit.

The actor’s last reported role was in a 2019 episode of the Epic series Perpetual Grace.

Geoffrey died of cancer on June 3 and is survived by his wife, Sue, and three children, Alex, Olive and Daisy.

He moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico in the 1990s, „where he and his wife created a world of love and care for their young family”.

Jeffrey worked for a real estate firm in the city for many years.

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His obituary, posted on the American Memorial site, said he „loved French wine and food, had an amazing grasp of history, was a lifelong Arsenal fan and excelled at being the sweetest guy in the world.”

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„He established himself as a genuine and beloved community member. A thespian to the core, Paul continued to act throughout his life,” his obituary said.

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