Interpol will use new technology after reopening the investigation into Rolandito’s disappearance

Interpol in Puerto Rico has reopened an investigation into the 1999 disappearance of baby Rolandido Salas Jucino in Do Alta, and the agency hopes new technology will help them in the case.

Secretary of Public Security (DSP), Alexis TorresAnd Laura Pena, the recently appointed Interpol director on the island, indicated that the reactivation of the investigation into Rolandito is one of a dozen missing persons cases they are reopening.

Torres explained that the initiative arises after Interpol officially returned to Puerto Rico after signing an agreement with the United States Department of Defense.

It’s been 25 years since Salas Jucino disappeared on July 7, 1999, while playing in the Colinas del Plata urbanization park in Do Alta. He is four years old.

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