Extract more copper using less water: Ceibo | Technology

Chilean mining startup developing technology to improve extraction Copper On current deposits, it is seeking to expand its tests to miners in other metal-producing countries such as Canada, the United States, Mexico and Peru, its CEO Cristobal Undurraga told Reuters.

Ceibo is pioneering a solution to reduce dust in mine roads, a method that allows access to reserves that were outside the leaching process without the need for new infrastructure and using less water.

To scale the technology on an industrial scale, the company raised US$30 million in capital led by US funds in early June. Energy impact stakeholders.

Right now we are focusing on implementing the work plan for which we have raised USD 30 million. That means scaling our technologies by building a test facility and hiring a science and development team in Chile and abroad.„, he said.

Leaching is a hydrometallurgical process of mineral dissolution to obtain copper, which is applied to material closest to the surface called oxides. Meanwhile, the present sulfides (deeper in the deposit) must go through a process of concentration and melting.

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Although results will depend on the characteristics of the ore, the analyzes we have so far show recoveries of up to 75% of the primary sulfides.”, assured Unduraga.

Water is a major issue for mining companies in Chile, the world’s largest producer CopperAnd major mines have seen their production hit by the deep drought that has plagued the country for more than a decade.

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The executive said it would seek to contribute one million tonnes of additional production Copper For the world market, less supply is expected in the coming years.

Although he declined to name some of the companies they are negotiating with due to confidentiality agreements, he explained that the focus is on four other important producing countries on the continent.

The capital raised will allow for the construction of a pilot plant; Strengthen the science and development team Chile and abroad; and scale technologies for leaching of primary sulphides.

The company has worked on a technology to mitigate dust and increase water savings at a mine site in ensuring tailings work together on roads, open areas and operations, with a service trial contract in Quellaveco, Peru. Anglo American.

Investors like PHP Ventures, Codec Holding, Audley Capital, Orion Industrial Ventures, Unearth Capital and Opalton participated in the capitalization round.

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