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Commercial Empire.- In an effort to promote transparency and efficiency in public tenders and state procurement. Peru has adopted various technological solutions that are transforming and modernizing government processes. Taking into account that the state is the main buyer and contractor, it allocates about 30% of its annual budget each year to procuring goods and services and performing works.

„Peruvians have developed mistrust in matters of public tenders and state procurement. Public institutions are focused on eradicating this. Without going too far, last year the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC) decided to operate an audio and video system so that all sessions of the selection committees responsible for public procurement can be recorded. .Department.But in addition to this, there is
Insecurity due to cybercrime, which will increase by 65% ​​by 2021, according to the Ministry of Justice. LicitaLAB was joined by CEO and co-founder Ramiro Hevea, who also described the technologies being implemented.

Among the key technologies promoting transparency in Peruvian state tenders and procurements, the following stand out:

1. Specialized Digital Platforms: By implementing dedicated online platforms, access to relevant information on government tenders and procurement has been simplified. These sites provide a centralized place to publish essential documents and details, facilitating the participation of suppliers and interested citizens.

2. Blockchain: Blockchain technology plays an important role in security and transparency of transactions. In the context of public tenders, the use of blockchain creates an immutable record at all stages of the process, guarantees integrity and reduces the risks associated with corrupt practices. Since its implementation, Perú Compras has recorded more than 154 thousand orders on the blockchain
Buying goods at the store.

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3. Open Data: Publishing open data on government tenders and procurement promotes accountability and citizen participation. Open data allows civil society to carry out independent monitoring and contributes to greater scrutiny of processes.

„Transparency in public tenders in Peru is essential to strengthen democracy, prevent corruption, ensure efficiency in the use of public resources and build trust among citizens and investors,” Hevea concluded.

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