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This Wednesday, the Bolivarian government officially announced the Great Humberto Fernández Morán Science, Innovation and Technology Movement as a place to plan, coordinate and promote the country's scientific and innovative activities.

In this new mechanism of coordinating public and private initiatives at the national level, five nodes converge, which are defined as:

Peak 1.– Cultivation and preservation of national scientific talent: Aims to provide training and scientific ethics training to boys, girls, youth and adults.

Peak 2.– Strengthening of spaces for research, development and scientific research: This will deal with production spaces, research centers, industries, workshops and educational laboratories.

Peak 3.- Science, Technology and Innovation for Manufacturing and Economy: Seeks to strengthen the development of the country's production chains.

Peak 4.- Venezuela towards digital transformation: leading the development of free software and hardware and taking responsibility for the digital rights of citizens.

Peak 5.- International Cooperation and Alliances: Promoting and Coordinating Technology Transfer and Exchange and Social Contribution.

President Nicolás Maduro led the operation alongside Vice President Delsey Rodriguez and Popular Power Minister for Science and Technology Gabriela Jimenez Ramirez.

From the Institute for Advanced Studies (IDEA) in Sartenejas, Miranda state, this major work marks „a new historical stage in the development of scientific knowledge, applied science and the country's mental apparatus.” „We are at a historic moment in which we reaffirm our faith in the well-being of Venezuela, and when we say that Humberto Fernández Moran is a great work of science, technology and innovation in solid Venezuela, we are saying that we believe in Venezuela.”

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