Hawks All-Star Trae Young returns after a 23-game absence with a finger injury

Trae Young was sidelined on February 23 with a finger injury that required surgery and sidelined him for 23 games.

Atlanta (AP) – All-Star point guard Trae Young returned to action as the Atlanta Hawks' starter after missing 23 games against the Charlotte Hornets on Wednesday night. A torn ligament On his left pinky.

Young's return comes with just three games remaining in the regular season. Young was injured on February 23 and underwent surgery on February 27 Allowed for training Monday.

Young wore a black blanket on his left hand that covered the surgically repaired finger. He gave the first hint that the twist would not affect his shooting A long shot sank While sitting on the Hawks' bench during pregame practice.

Hawks coach Quin Snyder said Young's minutes will be limited against the Hornets as he prepares for the Eastern Conference play-in tournament.

„It has more to do with fatigue than anything else.” Snyder said. „He's ready to play. Anyone with an injury or surgery or anything, there's always a mental thing to contend with.

The Hawks are currently 10th in the East. They have the final play-in spot, one game behind No. 9 Chicago.

„We don't necessarily control our own destiny, but we can do everything we can,” Snyder said. Bet on the No. 9 spot and home-court advantage in the first play-in tournament game.

„Above all, it's important that we play well and stay as healthy as we can.”

Young leads Atlanta with 26.4 points and 10.8 assists per game. The Hawks have been limited by a long list of injuries and will be without guard Dejounte Murray (right quad contusion) and D'Andre Hunter (rest) and Jalen Johnson (sprained right ankle) against Charlotte.

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Snyder's goal is to keep as many players as healthy as possible for the play-in contest and have Young ready for his natural role.

„The biggest thing is it's great to have him back and he's excited to play.” Snyder said. „How we manage other things, sometimes it's time for Trey to find his rhythm, not just for the team. It's a natural part of coming back.

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