Five of the most popular devices in the entire history of CES, America's most important tech show

The exhibition went from 17 participating brands to 3,500 exhibitors. (Consumer Technology Association)

He CES This is the moment Technology industry Shows the most important developments. The event has been held annually since 1967, and during these years it brings together many historical devices, always thinking about user consumption.

The exhibition has witnessed the evolution of computers, video game consoles, cell phones and televisions, offering various improvements and innovations year after year. But there are five products that mark the occasion.

Although this technology is already obsolete, everything is focused on streaming consumption. By 1977, home theater wasn't even close to being there. y JVC He designed a device that provided access to a device that was more economical than VCRs at the time.

In addition to starting a war with betamax, At the moment home playback devices are behind the technology VHS It helped drive the development of other products such as video game consoles and hard drive video recorders.

Video games have had an important place in the exhibition, especially in its first years. After victory MagnavoxAtari was brought to CES in 1977 Atari 2600The first console in history with interchangeable cartridges, the technology allowed players to purchase games and fueled the development of these titles.

The classic Atari 2600 returns with a new version and its best collection of games. (Atari)

This console allowed the video game industry to expand at a great time, and offered a wide variety of home entertainment. Something that culminated in a crisis in 1984 due to an overabundance of video games would end that industry.

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In 1982, the Commodore 64, the best-selling home computer in history. Its 8-bit technology was able to bring the expensive developments down to $595, something unthinkable at the time.

The computer had a cartridge slot that allowed users to install games, applications and hardware suitable for business, educational and recreational use. All these encouraged the creation of dedicated studies program development, It later reached other computers such as the Apple II.

When cell phones were bulky items and rigid designs, Motorola introduced the first device in clamshell form. He Star Dog It was the first cell phone to have a very sophisticated and unique cover that gave it a different style than what was available at the time.

In addition to this design, the phone was light (94 grams) and very compact (46 × 87 × 20 millimeters closed). It also includes vibration notifications for the first time, Receive SMS messages And sold with a second battery that can be connected externally.

The cell phone is designed to be lightweight and compact. (Motorola)

All of these innovations made the cell phone a phenomenon in the late 90s, selling over 60 million units despite a starting price of $1,000.

Since its inception, televisions have been a part of the fair, making a huge impact, with many attendees going exclusively to purchase new units during the second day of the first edition in 1967.

Years passed, and in 1998 attendees were shown digital television, reproduced in high definition. In this edition, different brands showed their devices to compete in this new field, which brought HD screens to the market from 33 to 72 inches, although at the time these products cost $10,000.

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CES is the time to showcase new technologies like televisions. Plasma, LCD, LED, OLED, 3DHD, 4K y 8K.

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