„The Corner of Science and Technology”: New Agricultural TV Show

„Corner of Science and Technology”New plan Agricultural TV That will come next A Las Doctors Ricardo Duan y Michael Meh. This place calls to us Let’s immerse ourselves in the world of science and technology, from From artificial intelligence to modern medicineIn interviews with experts and practical demonstrations.

It contains First chapter of „Corner of Science and Technology”coping with Ophthalmology, advances, vision, new techniques, diseases that cause blindness and what’s to come.

„Tell them about important contributions, news, and what’s happening in the world of science and technology Guests, opinion leaders, intimate, honest and humanely correct; And then it’s a Mix between science and people who provide the truth”Dr. Michel Mehech says.

In addition to information and entertainment about science and technology, the project seeks Encourages the audience to engage in research and innovative spiritIt provides an amazing window into the edge of human knowledge and the impact it will have on our future.

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