Greater investment in technology for public safety by 2024

In 2024, the Ministry of Defense and Civil Protection will prioritize investing in technology to achieve more efficient performance in the fight against crime, its president Guzmar Angel González Castillo said in an interview with Express.

„We want security to be improved so that there is confidence in the company and we can bring in more investments; also, tourists and citizens feel safe,” he said.

He recalled that 700 million pesos have been invested to date in the purchase of software, tactical equipment and vehicles.

He shared that one of the major challenges of the corporation would be to maintain the training and updating of police elements as per the needs of the people and legal structures.

Collaborative work

„It is very important to involve municipalities in these activities because the municipal police are the first line of prevention and if they are not trained and have the necessary equipment and tools, the security work will fall to the government, which is why this work is essential,” he shared.

Another goal, he promised, would be to maintain a coordinated work through the security schedule with the various levels of government, in order to make communication and teamwork more efficient with institutions such as the Office of the Attorney General of the Republic, city councils. State Judiciary and the Mexican Army.

„This is how we were able to build a team and achieve connections to the process,” he emphasized.

On the operational front, the Defense Secretary noted that he will continue to work closely with federal and municipal agencies to protect the company.

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Possible changes

Regarding whether changes in the structure of the agency are being considered, the state official said they are not ruled out because the work of the secretariat is very dynamic and the shelters respond to the needs of the people or even its elements are in dangerous situations.

2023 is a year of achievements

The head of the Secretariat of Defense and Civil Protection, he noted that the main achievements of the agency in 2023 include the training and updating of the elements, in the past years, the local police occupied one of the arbitrary first places. Arrests.

„Now that we've achieved 95 to 98 percent process links is a huge achievement, we've improved this problem one hundred percent. Now we have better reporting and action when we're first responders, and it's a collaborative effort with federal and state attorneys' offices and the Public Safety Academy,” he noted. .

He also noted the decline in high-impact crimes as intentional homicide, femicide and kidnapping decreased by 29.5, 52.3 and 54 per cent respectively during January to November this year compared to the same period in 2021. At the same time, robberies at homes and private public transport decreased by 31 and 51.6 percent respectively.

General Guzmar González Castillo indicated that these figures are the result of the coordination of work between the operational areas of the SSPC and the Civil Guard, in addition to the cooperation of the National Guard and the Mexican Army.

Regarding the types of crimes currently being dealt with by the Ministry of Defense, Guzmar Angel González Castillo noted that two local organized crime groups have been identified, in addition to two cartel cells spread throughout the national territory. Working in the company.

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