Goguest: How is technology redefining the hotel experience?

Experts in the tourism industry and hotel technology leaders have analyzed the impact of digitization of its processes on the tourism industry, as well as the latest technological trends that are redefining the management of small and medium-sized hotel enterprises (SMEs). ; During the spread days on stage CoguestHeld in four strategic Spanish cities: Castellón, Málaga, Madrid and Barcelona.

Coguest A 360-degree technology platform aimed at digitizing all customer interaction processes in Spanish hotel SMEs through artificial intelligence (AI), data analysis and business intelligence solutions.

Key themes

Sessions focused on presenting the Goguest platform and its application to different functional areas of the hotel-to-guest value chain, focusing on aspects such as customer experience customization, personalization and service efficiency.

Likewise, aspects of the payment digitization process are also discussed by examining trends in various modes and their adoption by the tourism industry to achieve improvements in passenger comfort and safety, emphasizing the most innovative options.

Conference held at the Castellon Chamber of Commerce (Credit: © Goguest)

Within the sessions, the participants were able to express important concerns about the implementation of specific technologies in the tourism sector, which provided valuable information and enriched the discussions.

Impact of technology on business

Technology companies Easygoband, Paynopain and FAMA – Cuatroochenta shared knowledge and experiences that allowed them to enrich the dialogue and provide a practical view of the use of technology solutions in hotel management.

One of the most exciting features is knowing the impact on the business with concrete data from projects that the solution has already implemented.

  • Sales Increase: Optimizing operations for a significant increase in revenue, increasing sales by up to 3%.
  • Increased Profit: Attracting more customers and increasing the profit of products and services by 10%.
  • Selective sales with high conversion rate: Effectively target the target audience, resulting in conversion rates greater than 55%.
Goguest: The Impact of Technology on Hotel Experience and Business

Networking and future perspectives

The opening to questions not only allowed valuable interactions, but also created professional networks among participants, strengthening relationships between the tourism industry and technology companies.

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These successful conferences emphasize the importance of technological integration in the future of tourism in Spain.

Goguest: The Impact of Technology on Hotel Experience and Business

The project is funded by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism through the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Programme. Funded by the European Union, Next Generation

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