Nicolás Ayr, champion with Cristal and now a versatile character: he entered 3D technology and made stars at Estudiantes La Plata

Sporting Crystal’s reigning champion, Nicholas Eyre, spoke to Infobay Pero about his new features.

To be a national champion is to make history; But achieving it and breaking the drought of degrees adds another dimension. Nicholas Eyre Know what it is. The former Argentina defender was part of the squad Game Crystal They won Peru’s first division trophy in 2012 and broke a seven-year streak without a championship.

The retired footballer spoke at length Infobae Peru About its history. His controversial departures from Estudiantes La Plata and the team revealed the most difficult passages on the road to his professional debut. 'Celeste’ and Real Carcilazo. He also spoke about what he is currently doing and also shared his thoughts on his recent exit George Casullo From Florida.

Nicolas Eyre scores two goals at Sporting Cristal – Credits: La Repubblica.

– Have you always dreamed of becoming a football player?

As a child I always dreamed of playing football, the feeling I had was strong, at that time there were few air channels, they showed football from Spain and I watched all the games. Also, he kept playing in the street. I made my debut in the first division playing in all the youth teams until I started playing for Estudiantes La Plata.

– Since you touched your first song, what was in your head at that time?

Your history, the little history one carries, is needed to understand all the efforts you gave and made during those years. I made my debut on January 3, 2001, in a classic against Gimnasia y Escrima La Plata. The hurt, the effort, everything you missed out on as a teenager because of that introduction brings joy and recollection.

– What was the most difficult part of that path to professional football?

If you decide to follow the path of a footballer, you have to mature very quickly, there are positions you avoid, you are not a normal teenager. Being careful, responsible and treating yourself like an adult, burning through stages is a mature decision that makes you miss out on a lot of things. My parents did not know that this was the path of a professional footballer, they were doctors, they always supported me, but sometimes the economy was not good.

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– How did you get to Peru? Do you have a Sporting Crystal specified?

Sporting Cristal always looked up to him because of the international matches he played. I was finishing my fifth year at Colombia, having been the captain for the fifth year in a row and maintaining a very complete consistency, playing 90 minutes on Wednesdays and Sundays. My next step was to grow in football and was another challenge for me. Sporting Cristal are coming off an eight- or nine-year title drought and are aiming to be champions. I’m not wrong.

– As you say, you are not wrong, because they won the 2012 national title, what do you remember about that? What is the key to achieving it?

I remember the whole year. It was wonderful. Getting on the expressway three hours early, arriving an hour early and starting practice an hour before practice was even better. We shared not only with the players, but with the entire prop team, coaching staff by sub or ceviche. Not just talking about a football team, but the invisible and behind-the-scenes people are impeccable and deserve to be highlighted.

Nicholas Eyre and his publication celebrate the 2012 Sporting Crystal title.

– Despite your good campaigns in 2012 and 2013, you had to leave Sporting Cristal, why?

There is a coaching change with Claudio Vivas coming in for the last three months of the year. I understand that the coaching staff needs to raise the list of players they said could move on Claudio Vivas, being Argentinian and playing all the games, they didn’t put me. Then the leaders decided not to continue, they told me in the last game against Alianza Lima in Gallardo. I felt so much pain and sadness because I wanted to go on. Football is like that, decisions are made by people who don’t even know about the club and don’t participate regularly.

– In 2016, you returned to Peru to play for Real Garcilaso, now known as Cusco FC. How was your reception in Cusco?

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Jorge Espejo invited me to be part of Real Carcilazo, I knew I was going to participate in the Copa Sudamericana, I was happy, a company, at that time, that was well managed, had a good team, players. Already sharing a dressing room with Marcio (Valverde), he also convinced me. It’s been a good year, they’ve treated me well, the fact that I won the final with Krystal didn’t mean anything to them, but it was an honor to be able to help them. Then, we know that Real Carcilazo doesn’t respect processes. At the end of the year, he changed coaches, and someone who didn’t like foreigners and less Argentines came in.. I decided to leave.

Nicolas Ayre played 23 games in 2016 between the Peruvian Championship and the Copa Sudamericana.

– After your time in Peru, you continue to play in your country’s promotion; But in 2020 you decided to retire. Was it hard to leave football?

Very much. That withdrawal came hand in hand with the epidemic. I prepared myself physically to continue playing, but the pandemic destroyed many things. At a certain age, one needs continuity in order not to lose rhythm, and that’s what made me 'stop’ in the world and retire. I couldn’t make a planned and peaceful retreat as the world stopped without guidance. Anxiety shifted to another focus.

– As a result of the epidemic and your retirement, you started your other face as a coach, tell me a little more about it …

My last club was Circulo Otamendi in Argentina’s third division, and they invited me to coordinate all of the club’s football. I go to work there and have been there for a year. At the same time I also worked as a coach. It was very intense. Later, Estudiantes La Plata invited me to be part of the child-youth coaches.

– Would you like to return to Sporting Crystal as a coach?

As a result of winning in 2012, all these years have been built and after this return (for the farewell race of Carlos Lopatone), I believe that the cord will never be cut, the roads will always go. Unite us. I would like to give back to the club in some way to help continue to achieve club goals.

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– Reviewing your social networks, I realized that you are not only dedicated to being a technician, but to other areas…

I love the management within the game, but it has nothing to do with football. As with technology, this Augmented Reality can provide better technology for stadiums so that pictures and photos come out better. I had the opportunity to connect with a company in Mexico that was responsible for furnishing stadiums with state-of-the-art cameras. With cameras and cell phones, people can have a different reality show in the dying moments of a soccer match. For example, you can see how the lion appeared in the stands during the presentation of Estudiantes La Plata. Obviously it’s unreal, but it’s shocking to be in the same ballpark.

Augmented reality show at Estudiantes La Plata presentation. (internet)

– It was recently announced that the club’s 'piggy’ will be leaving after retiring as your team-mate and coach in 2012. Did it surprise you? Taking into account the fact that he recently won the title through Reserves.

He has the club in his skin, he loves it, definitely the end, I haven’t spoken to him, it would have been difficult, I still don’t understand how he can leave the club. His ability to transmit what Crystal is is impressive, he speaks through football, he feels and vibrates it and who better than him to continue to transmit to the youth what Crystal is. I don’t think there are players or players who channel what Crystal is like (Jorge Casullo and Carlos Lopatone). What they won on the field. After Julino, The ’sorry’ (Roberto Palacios) and Soto (Jorge) are coming. That’s why I’m surprised the club didn’t make an effort to keep him..

Nicolas Eyre surprised by Jorge Casullo’s exit from Sporting Crystal. (Miguel Solís/Infobay Peru)

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