They will present a conference on „Good Maps for Inclusion Through Technology” on January 25 – El Heraldo de Chihuahua

This January 25 event „Good Blueprints for Inclusion Through Technology and Empowerment” Presenting Open Doors Thursday Conference It will be led by Saúl Ponce Cabrera and will be held at the Casa Chihuahua Cultural Heritage Center free of charge, you can reserve your place

to say The event is organized by Center for Special Research and Teaching in Visual ImpairmentMutual culture and education will be transmitted Live on YouTube channelThis is with the aim of having more dissemination, as well as for interested people who cannot attend the conference.

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Saúl Ponce Cabrera, graduate in Educational Psychology, has received the Municipal Youth Awards of León, Guanajuato in 2021 during his professional career.; and Guanajuato 2022 State Youth Award; Likewise, she is an English teacher, practitioner on inclusion and disability issues.

Further The face-to-face team is certified by the National Network of Competence in Human Capital Training Courses; A representative of an American company GoodMaps specializes in its technology intelligent orientation For people with visual impairments to reveal the potential of a space with intuitive, accurate and infrastructure-free indoor navigation.

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Specializing in Visual Impairment, Culture and Education, through its training areas: Culture, Inclusion, Visual Impairment and Educational and Social InterventionAims to train professionals through a A disciplinary perspective on the development and learning of children and youth with visual impairments Its four types are:

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Blindness, low vision, hearing loss, or multiple disabilities can interfere with the design, implementation, and evaluation of educational programsAims to overcome barriers that limit learning and participation with respect for inclusive attitudes and diversity in family, school and community contexts.

Google Maps was introduced by Google Inc. in early 2005 to locate locations on a digital map. As the data is constantly updated, the presentation and level of detail of your satellite data is continuously improved.

Over time it introduced a new function An app to help the blind, it is a voice guide that reminds users if they are on the right path and direction, It alerts pedestrians when they are crossing and the function even has the ability to tell how far that person is from the next turn.

Also, if the person loses the route, a verbal notification is sent to him/her to rewrite the route.

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