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Meeting the sustainability agenda is impossible without the use of technology, but its use must be responsible, Gigi Agassini said in a presentation this Wednesday during the Forbes Green Economy and Sustainable Development 2025 Forum.

A technology and sustainability expert, technology provides many tools to care for the planet, although at the same time it can cause damage.

Cyber ​​attacks are carried out through technology, but they can cause major problems.

As an example, Agassini said, consider a 2021 cyber attack on a refinery in Florida. The hack caused the plant to shut down, and sediment in the water could not be measured.

„All cyber attacks have an impact on sustainability, they have an economic and environmental impact, in addition to slowing down supply chains,” he said.

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Therefore, the expert suggested measures that companies can apply to achieve environmental sustainability.

According to the policy, technology leaders should be part of the leadership team that sets sustainability goals.

In addition, regulations and standards should be linked to a sustainable technology strategy.

On a personal level, people should not store more information than necessary in the cloud because it causes emissions.

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