Lupita Murguia promises technology for water supply

Lupita Murguia, the PAN candidate for the Senate of the Republic, promised to work for a better future for the new generations. For this reason, he said he would work to build a new „Batán, water for all” system.

He said that with this model, Querétaro will once again be a national example in how to care for the environment, guarantee, treat and reuse water.

Lupita Murguia proposes a model for all of Mexico

„Along with my driving partner, Augustine Torrentez, we propose that the Queretaro model “El Batán System, Water for all” be recreated throughout the country. „That, along with state-of-the-art technology, allows us to recover both rainwater and human-use water, treating it in a safe and healthy way to reuse and avoid shortages.”

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Lupita Murguia also asserted that an important issue like water during election periods is used as a flag to gain followers with untrue stories.

„We have to say it loud and clear, don’t let them lie to you, that water in Querétaro is not privatized, but rather, guaranteed to ensure a better quality of life for all families.

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