Devillard, Alice D’Amato and Esposito won European instrument titles in Rimini

All four equipment finals were decided in the women’s category European Gymnastics Championships Saturday (May 4) in Rimini, Italy.

Colin Devillard She defended her vault title with an average score of 13.866, good for the Frenchwoman ahead of her home Games which begin in less than three months. countryman Ming Van Eijken Won bronze (13.699) with Bulgaria Valentina Georgieva 13.799 filled in a sandwich with silver.

Alice D’Amato She followed DeVillard’s lead, maintaining her uneven streak with a score of 14.600. The noise erupted into wild screams from her injured sister, Asia, who was sitting in the stands. countryman Elisa Iorio Silver (14.366) and Great Britain received Georgia-Mae Fenton They beat Germany to win bronze with the last routine of the final Helen Kevrick For last place on the podium (13.866).

None of the eight gymnasts fell during the beam final, which belonged to Italy Manila Esposito (14.400) won gold. of Romania Sabrina Maneka-Wonia Silver (14.166) won Marine Boer France, bronze (14.033).

Esposito And Maneka-Woinia came back 1-2 in the floor final Angela Andreoli Italy’s bronze medal.

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