First Estonian ambassador to South Africa presents credentials | news

Speaking following the official ceremony where he presented his credentials, Ambassador Sher said he sees many opportunities in the long-standing relationship between the two countries.

„We know that the first Estonians visited the Republic of South Africa in the early 17th century, which shows the extent of our ties,” he said.

„The Republic of South Africa is one of the most popular African destinations among Estonians, and in the future, we can see that Estonian and South African entrepreneurs and citizens will be able to travel more easily between the two countries,” Ambassador Scheer said. .

The establishment of ties will lead to more relaxed visa conditions on both sides, an expanded network of diplomatic missions and intensified economic cooperation.

Estonia is studying more to share its knowledge in the fields of digital and e-education, as both countries place great emphasis on innovation, he said.

Born in Toronto in 1978, Daniel Erik Scher began working at the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2003. His resume includes diplomatic roles in Lebanon and Afghanistan, before becoming ambassador-at-large to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia and North Macedonia.

While living in Tallinn, he is also Estonia’s Ambassador to Kenya in his new capacity of Ambassador Sher.

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