Technology for harnessing irrigation potential

Accurately knowing water availability is one of the biggest challenges in agriculture today, as it determines the growth limits of a project and the growth of its crops.

Undoubtedly, efficient water management based on real-time data is essential to achieve sustainable agriculture and reduce consumption of this scarce resource. The use of sensors and technologies for control and monitoring in irrigation can provide valuable information for decision-making, not only by increasing the productivity of the agricultural enterprise, but also benefiting the environment and society in general.

To achieve this Wiseconn has developed a patented solution called DropControl, a comprehensive and sophisticated approach to sustainable water management in agriculture, combining advanced technologies with an intuitive user interface and 24/7 technical support service. Commitment to customer satisfaction. and timely problem solving, which is important in an agricultural environment where rapid responses to changing conditions may be required.

In this way, Wiseconn makes a significant contribution to the development of sustainable and efficient agriculture not only in Peru but throughout the world. In addition to Peru and Chile, they are present in countries such as Mexico, Colombia and the United States – a very important country for the company today – and recently opened three new offices in markets such as Europe and Australia. .

Fernanda Russ commented, “There are more than 60 projects in operation in Peru today, an interesting case of a blueberry producer in the Hural region, which controls irrigation and fertilization from a DripControl platform and monitors such important variables. Water pH and electrical conductivity of growing blueberries, not only in the shed, but also at coordinate points in the field during each irrigation change. This allows the irrigation and fertilization manager to manage proactively, as he can analyze data in real-time with the aim of looking for patterns and trends in water quality, thereby improving fruit quality, condition and productivity.

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„We also have cases like the Agroindustrial Beta in Olmos, in which only by installing soil moisture sensors and a weather station, a year after installing the technology, the customer achieved a water consumption saving of more than 30% in Baltos. A clay soil condition achieves a steady increase in productivity, Improves Kg/m3 ratio.

It is clear that in order to get these results, you need to learn to use technology and train the human resources in each department several times. For this, WiseConn has a team of experts who encourage continuous training of each of the tools in the information system. An easy, friendly way to adapt to each client’s needs by understanding the specific roles that exist in an agricultural company. „In my experience in customer service, I’ve had a few cases where a customer doesn’t know how to use a computer, but if they know how to use their cell phone, my first question is always: Do you know how to use a tool like this? WhatsApp, YouTube, or Instagram? That’s usually the answer I get. Yes so my next sentence is „So you already know how to use Dropcontrol, this system is no harder to learn than others.”

Today, thanks to drip control, comprehensive irrigation management can be carried out by connecting solutions from wells, canals, reservoirs and drives, then through the automation of irrigation equipment, thanks to advanced fertilization and then on-demand sensors. Soil moisture, meteorological stations should also complete the integration with satellite images. This entire solution can be combined in stages and completed over time, with investments that can be scaled over time.

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