The government has set a target to complete IKN ministerial houses by 2024

JAKARTA (ANTARA) – The Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (BUPR) has announced that it aims to complete the construction of the Ministerial Dread House (RTJM) in the capital Nusantara (IKN) by 2024.

„The PUPR Ministry’s Housing General Directorate continues to speed up the development process of ministerial dreaded houses in IKN,” said the ministry’s Housing Director General Ivan Subrijanto on Friday in Jakarta.

According to Suprijanto, the RTJM development process at IKN reached 16.8-percent as of July 10, 2023. The Ministry of PUPR has set 2024 as the target completion year for 36 units of RTJM in Nusantara city.

Meanwhile, Chief Directorate of Kalimantan Housing Management Center Hujurat noted that the ministry is also closely monitoring many aspects related to the construction area, house design and the use of technology in the construction of houses.

The Ministry of PUPR ensures that both the construction site and the design for the houses take into account land boundaries, climate and disaster while implementing the smart home system.

The RTJMs to be constructed will have underground, ground and upper floors. The underground floors are designed to host the drivers’ bedrooms, bathrooms and guardrooms, while the ground and upper floors serve as office areas and family private areas respectively.

Each house is fully furnished, the building is 580 square meters and is situated on approximately one thousand square meters of land.

The construction process is being executed by PT Athi Karya, a state-owned construction company, and Sirijaza Engineering & Management Consultants under the supervision of PT Yodhya Karya, a state-owned consulting company.

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„We also use Indonesian traditional elements in the building design. Also, residents can have quick and easy access to social and public facilities,” noted Hujurat.

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Translated by: Aji Kagti, Tegar Noorbitra
Author: Rahmat Nasushan
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